You know what would be great? A little shelf outside my office door. That way when I'm coming back from the kitchen with a hot beverage and need to fish out my keys, I wouldn't have to awkwardly balance the mug or put it on the floor.

That would be great.

The film project I've been working on just made the news. It's been so incredible. I made all the music which features so prominently in the film. On the weekend we've got a series of three sold out screenings with live score. Feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing experience.

personal admissions 

At this stage of my life, She-Hulk was more immediately accessible than Ms Marvel because I know more angry women lawyers than 16 year old Muslim girls.

Which is, you know, kind of a thing.

To be fair, I know no one with full on super-powers, though.

food, cheesmaking 

Cheesemaking today - I started with about 3 litres of milk yesterday. After culturing, renneting, and hanging overnight I have about 800 gm of curds.

Half is in the press, and will go into heavily salted whey later, for a feta style.

The other half got mixed with rosemary and is destined for pizza in the next few days.

You have one month left to grab your copy of The Highwayman, a 100-page adaptation of Alfred Noyes’ poem exploring narrative illustration through a graphic design lens!

Initially drawn in 2020 as part of my Master’s thesis, I came back to this book this year to revise and improve it. Many pages have been redrawn to improve the reading experience.


I'm doing a feast for an event in December and writing a series of posts about the process.

UK trans health waiting lists- important & time sensitive - please boost 

Please share to your UK trans friends ASAP 💚

Being working class has nothing to do with whether or not you're actively selling your labor, but whether or not you'll be punished if you don't.


Norfolk Tapas for dinner tonight, featuring good stuff from the veg box. Courgette with red wine vinegar and home-made hard cheese, padron peppers roasted with cheese, roasted sweetcorn with paprika, and some homemade kimchi/kraut hybrid.

Want to build a Miserable Little Medieval Man? Let @alpine_thistle tell you how!

"This ended up being an interdisciplinary project that took over a year to complete and is accompanied by a ten-thousand-word document containing citations and commentary. This presentation focuses on one aspect of my process: creating the main character."

See the full list of talks and sign up at


Temperatures are down. No rain yet, which is a drag. And fires in the county. Lovely ...

Things I will not need to do today:
put the bread in the proofing box to rise

UK heatwave 

Already 36C outside in Norfolk ...

not too bad inside with the curtains drawn.


Norfolk style tapas last night.

Courgette, sliced on the bias.Splashed with red wine vinegar,sprinkled with salt and black pepper.Home-cured proscuitto style pork cured for 7 months-ish,chez moi.Home-made hard cheese on top.

Padron peppers and tomatoes,sliced,with cheese,on a tortilla.The tortilla is there to keep from messing up the roasting tray.

Veg from our Riverford organic veg box, pork (uncured) from JW Sergeant up the road in Stow Bridge.

Cheddar and tortilla from Morrisons.

Every now and then I am reminded that Dave Grohl is the bomb.

That is all.

Except that in Latin there is no way no distinguish between being a bomb and being Da Bomb.

And Dave Grohl is Da Bomb.

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