. Earlier I used garlic power and cumin. Anyway ... then stick it into an oven at 160 or 180, and let it cook for half an hour ish, until it crisps up, and then use it like croutons, in salads or on soups, or whatever. It's pretty damn good ...

So, this is almost completely random, but ... for the last month or two, we've been eating a reasonable amount of what I'm calling tofutons. It started as a medieval Lent thing, and now it's just a thing ... anyway, take firm tofu, cut it into cubes, toss it with some olive oil and whatever spices you like. We've had some smoked tofu, so I've been using smoked paprika and salt. (1/2)

did you know: shakespeare's sonnets are still copyrighted, it's just that you're allowed to use them for whatever because of the fair youths doctrine

Our local garden store has meerkats, and they just had babies.

Who knew?

covid-19, lewd but serious. 

And quarantine, well, work from home, day one ...

I made tortillas. The first two had way too much oil in the iron skillet. The second two are better. More updates as the situation warrants.

Also, my wife passed her UK driving test! (After having had a US driving license for decades ...) I'm not saying there was a lovely sparkling shiraz and margaritas to celebrate, but I'm not saying there weren't.


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@nein09 Ohhhh hey there's a Gregorian chant search engine where you can input melodies! This one was in the Liber Usualis, if Respighi went to church on any Marian feast days he would've heard it. globalchant.org/view-source.ph

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