Did I mention that I got one of these the other week? It’s for when my bike is down and I need a backup mode of transport.


Favorite quote so far:

'More than that, the authors seem to regard the retention of the ‘warrior grave’ hypothesis as a badge of scholarly integrity rather than seeing it as perpetuating a problematic and widely discounted inheritance of an antiquarian functionalist reading of burial assemblages. '

Viking Warrior Women: An Archaeodeath Response

As my friend James says, an analysis of the recent kerfuffle by 'one of Britain’s leading mortuary archaeologists. '

Good stuff.


The trains are all late /
Thunderstorms down power lines /
While on the same days /
Record heatwaves sweep the land /
And still some deny the change.

When I was trying to come up with a title for the AI Weirdness book, I tried training a neural net to generate titles.

There were a LOT of rejected titles.


Pizza with store-bought mozarella and home-made pesto (spinach, garlic, ground almonds, olive oil, and home-made cheese) about to go in the oven. I'm pleased with the result.

"Education isn't something you can finish"

-- Isaac Asimov

The MAA (Medieval Academy of America - medievalacademy.org/ ) is looking for feedback from non-traditional medievalists as well as those outside tenured or tenture track positions. Also look at their statement of support for such scholars - cdn.ymaws.com/www.medievalacad

Perhaps of interest to folk

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