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Differences in the chemical composition of urine caused by changes in diet mean that many medieval recipes for paint etc don’t work right unless you get the urine from someone whose diet resembles a medieval one. (Tested in illuminated manuscript labs, thank you book historians!) twitter.com/ada_palmer/status/

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Want to be a berserker? It's not the bearskin that does the job:

Irish dictionary:
(some of those should've stayed lost)

Health, Medieval style (which looks rather modern, mostly):

Last but far from least --- It's 14th century London, and everyone's white, right? Right??
Note especially the mixed-ancestry folks.

"The Torture Victim's Backside Hymnal" – music transcribed and played from a sheet music inscription on the butt cheeks of a torture victim in Hieronymus Bosch's "The Garden Of Earthly Delights."

The piano arrangement is surprisingly plinky and cheerful (The Ice Cream Truck Of Earthly Delights?) and there's a Gregorian chant version linked too.


Sentences in today's duolingo Latin include: 'the husband has a husband' and 'the wife has a wife.'


Some days I wonder why I don't spend more time reading disability activism blogs. Sure, it's reminiscent of beating my own head against that wall too many times, but I admire the work they do.

For instance, here's a great piece on why "assume good intent" in a code of conduct is a red flag.


Right call - I finished the first book in Ely, fifteen minutes from home.

The number of pages left in my current book was right on the edge - I had to decide whether to take another book or risk having nothing to read for the last few minutes of my commute. I took the second book and now find myself reading faster than usual because if I don't finish the first one, I'll have been hauling the second one around all day for no reason.

The first Self-Defense cocktail of the season - basically a vodka sour, but with Self-Defense Cider instead of the citrus. - aspiringluddite.com/PlusPoraPi - (Our apple tree has all kinds of very tart windfall apples. I don't want to them to go to waste. I have to make cider in self-defense.)

Did I mention that I got one of these the other week? It’s for when my bike is down and I need a backup mode of transport.


Favorite quote so far:

'More than that, the authors seem to regard the retention of the ‘warrior grave’ hypothesis as a badge of scholarly integrity rather than seeing it as perpetuating a problematic and widely discounted inheritance of an antiquarian functionalist reading of burial assemblages. '

Viking Warrior Women: An Archaeodeath Response

As my friend James says, an analysis of the recent kerfuffle by 'one of Britain’s leading mortuary archaeologists. '

Good stuff.


The trains are all late /
Thunderstorms down power lines /
While on the same days /
Record heatwaves sweep the land /
And still some deny the change.

When I was trying to come up with a title for the AI Weirdness book, I tried training a neural net to generate titles.

There were a LOT of rejected titles.


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