@cute @efi @Bashabez I was today years old when I learned that horses were not in fact introduced to the Americas by the Spanish, as I was always taught in school, and this lie is in fact a 500+ year old piece of Spanish colonial propaganda


Your beauty lasts beyond the grave
The angels call you, sainted maid
Although you're nameless here, forever more
Your voice is like forgotten lore
I'm rapping at the chamber door
I cannot compete with you, Lenore
Lenore Lenore Lenore Lenore
I'm begging of you please don't haunt my man

'What color?'
'Red. ... Unless it's Pinot, then beer.'

I am loving Tim Minchin in Upright.

We went up to York this past weekend for the Panto, and stumbled into this place. It's the best £40 meal I've had in a long time, and may be my new favourite restaurant ... we had the tasting menu, of course ...


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The National Museum of Finland in Helsinki is very good indeed. Sadly the medieval exhibition is still being built, to open in 2020. The prehistoric section is as good as any I've seen, and the 'interactive' bits are excellent - so often, 'interactive' just means 'glue an iPad to the glass.'

Bonus points for having a section in the 'Story of Finland' dedicated to heavy metal - with a soundtrack including (among others) Nightwish, Children of Bodom, and Stone.

every silicon valley freak wants to transition us to a society where nine nines of humanity has nothing but a backpack containing all their worldly possessions, with the backpack itself and everything in it leased from Sqobly, a Y Combinator startup innovating 'things as a service'

If you're going to be pedantic about the new decade starting in 2021 because "there was no year 0", then you also have to be pedantic about the new decade starting on January 11, 2021, because there were no October 5-14, 1582. :steven_pun:

1980s-90s: grey static
2000s: unbroken blue
2010s: settings menu with inline ads

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this is my xmas gift to #myass

instead of a weird white dude spying on children, i give you: Mapachin Claus! Put out pepitas and Mapachin Claus will bless you with good fortune for the new year! If you are bad, Mapachin Claus will chew a big hole in the insulation of your home.

Merry Chrimbo!
#mastoart #raccoons

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I was reading about human sacrifice in mesoamerica the other day and I was wondering what kind of crazy ass cultural gaslighting you would have to have in order for everyone to be okay with the high priests killing like five dudes a day in the center of town on the flimsy excuse that if they didn't, gods would eat the sun

and then I remembered that "we can't just 'feed and house the poor', what about the economy?" is still a talking point today and I was kinda like. Ohhhh ok I get it now.

Took this on Fri the 13th. This bloody rose doesn't know when to quit. Choose a metaphor that works for you ...

Due to the results of the UK General Election, I joined two groups this week.

The Electoral Reform Society and the Open Rights Group.

I'm also considering setting up a regular donation to Amnesty International.

Basically: I'm looking beyond what the exit from the EU could mean for us.

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