First brew of the year. Not medieval, but the equipment and practice are getting to where I will feel better about something first a medieval style beer on modern equipment and then medieval beer as medievally as I can.


@maeleoin That's a pretty cool and nerdly setup. Makes all my cheese-, bread-, wine-, salumi-making efforts seems positively medieval;-)

@AspiringLuddite your setup has driven mine for a while... I still want to do something for cheese and meat. I don't have a great solution, currently, but I know it's very straightforward once you commit to setting it up.

I didn't know you made wine, though...

@maeleoin Years ago ... gave it up in the early 2000s. I think @liliedubh got most of my wine-making kit. When we did the kitchen expansion, we had more room, but ironically none of it worked as well for wine-making as a cupboard in the old layout ...

@AspiringLuddite @maeleoin We tried to get comfortable with brewing/wine making but it never materialized. The wine making stuff went to a new brewer in Ostgardr when we moved from City Island.

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