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As is, I think sitting upon it could be a very uncomfortable experience.

Folks on pluspora are being properly appreciative, especially of the fleurs-de-lys, which are truly excellent.

@Nusbacher @yann
Yeah. Me too. Yannick can give the details, but I believe what they are is an amazingly artistic solution to an engineering problem ;-)

@Nusbacher @AspiringLuddite Thanks. The bezels were marked and centre punched for the three holes. Drilled, then hand cut with metal shears. Hand filed into the disc shape. I made a die and used a rounded punch to get the centre of the bezel to pout deeply enough to house the stone. Then a larger die and punch to get the final conical shape. I cut the quarter detailing with a small triangular needle file. Fixing the bezel with rivets holds the stone.The fleus de lys were a real time hog on this.

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