@AspiringLuddite What I find fascinating is the contrast between the view of SCA fencing in your memoir and the view at the time both from the Midrealm and from standing beside Finnvarr, who chaired the BoD around then. SCA Inc. really didn’t think fencing was the way it clearly was.


Care to elaborate? I make no bones about my view being a single perspective and often missing the larger picture.

@AspiringLuddite The view from the Board at the time was that people get killed in fencing (which was a thing in the ‘80s, before the current FIE standards were set), that it was dangerous (especially compared to SCA armoured combat which had a perfect safety record apart from a few broken arms), that it was going to raise our insurance rates, and that it was this thing that wasn’t going to happen.

@AspiringLuddite The view was emphatically not ‘Ansteorra and Atenveldt have got this huge thing going on that rivals archery for prominence in e life of the Society’.

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