I had three chores today all of which were supposed to be pretty straightforward. After labouring all morning, none of them are done or are going to be done.

The bank seems to have unlinked accounts so I can't transfer money.

TaxAct only accepts credit card payments from US addresses, so that's no good.

English wiring for flourescent lights is facocta.


Well, two of three are now sorted, and I have a workaround for the third ...

@AspiringLuddite They all seemed ultimately fixable. Maybe not on a Sunday, but ultimately.


Even as you say. But, damn, it sure made it a frustrated Sunday. I went in to work on Monday, fixed a small thing and was like, "Yes! Small victories! A completed task!"

@AspiringLuddite Summer victories are just a little sad in how happy they make one, but they're nice all the same.

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