PSA: last night one of our pyrex cooking dishes exploded.

not fractured, exploded. “pyrex isn’t supposed to do that” we thought.

as of a few years ago, Pyrex sold their brand, the new company changed glass recipe as a cost cutting measure, resulting in a pandemic of exploding cookware and a class action lawsuit.

thankfully the patent has expired and the keyword to look for in competing glass cookware products is “borosilicate glass”



Old pyrex could explode too, if you did terrible things to it. I had one go in the late 80s.

To be fair, my roommate had turned on the wrong burner on the hob, heated the pyrex to a temperature I like to describe as 'really hot' and then dumped cold tomato sauce on it.

Hot pyrex shards burned marks into my linoleum floor. It's a bloody miracle no one was hurt.

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