tld game, bears 

There is a lot of meat on one bear.

Which is to say, yes! I killed a bear. With a revolver. I got the drop on him from the deck of the Riken, where he couldn't charge me. I got a lucky shot, finished what I was doing, and went to bed. The next morning I went hunting, with some trepidation, for the wounded bear. He'd bled out overnight.

I am now 1-3-2 against bears in survival mode.

tld game, bears 

@AspiringLuddite Niccceeeee. With a revolver, that's extra impressive!

tld game, bears 

@lindentreeisle @AspiringLuddite my best bear kill was outside the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley. There was a bear that kept walking by and I couldn’t leave without being sure that he wouldn’t kill me, so I waited for him to get to a spot in the road where I could snipe him with the hunting rifle. I shot him in the head, raced inside to safety, napped for an hour, and then went back out to look for his carcass. A+

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