So, content - or at least -

with reduced restrictions in place, I was able to drive to my serjeant's house on Sunday. For the first time in months, we were able to suit up and get some helmet time in. (With distancing, of course, except during actual combat.)

The good is that without having fought for months, my defense is still solid, and my offense is pretty good - some of the new shots I've been working on the pell are also good.

The bad is that my stamina is way down.

@AspiringLuddite my barony is doing a social-distanced gathering tomorrow night (without fighting though). Kind of looking forward to it


We've had zoom stuff and discord stuff, but nothing face to face, and aren't likely to for at least another month. The restrictions have been lifted so that households can interact on a limited basis. Hence, the one on one practice.

More open fighter practices may start in August, with distancing in place for chatting, and no sharing of loaner kit, and so on.

@AspiringLuddite @alpine_thistle No, I've never been enough into medievalist stuff or live roleplay to get into it, I just think it's cool that it's a thing. I have friends who are sort of SCA-adjacent, they go up to Pennsic every year but mostly for the trade and period skills bit. One of them also likes building.

@lindentreeisle @alpine_thistle

People are into for a lot of different reasons, to be sure. I never viewed as roleplay, although there certainly are those who do.

Doing archaic and arcane skills is a big draw for me.

@AspiringLuddite @lindentreeisle yeah, I got into it because of my interest in medieval cooking and cuisines. The fighting was an accident, and I’m not really into the roleplay aspect as much. I’m a “interested in lots of skills but not good at any one thing in particular” SCA person lol

@alpine_thistle @lindentreeisle

I like to say that, depending on how generous you are feeling towards me, I am either a renaissance man or a dilettante.

Cookery is a big one for me, but I've dabbled in a lot of things. When I got started back in the 80s there was a very strong DIY aesthetic in the SCA, which has gone away to some extent. I mean, we made our armour because we had to. Now, you can buy it ...

@AspiringLuddite Me, on the other hand, I would have never started the C25K program again if it wasn’t for the lockdown.


To be fair, our garden is in much better shape than it would be without lockdown ...

I have also been doing more gardening than I have done since we bought the house almost 5 years ago.

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