So the holiday slide begins ... checked out of work - on a positive note! - drinking a cocktail I invented called a Trigger (I said to my wife, 'it's a Rob Roy variant, I'll call it a Roy Rogers,' said she, 'I think there's already a cocktail called a Roy Rogers,' 'fine,' I replied, 'then it shall be a Trigger.'), and playing The Long Dark with said wife kibitzing ...


Ah! It is one part Aperol to four parts whisky. Say, a 1/2 shot to 2 shots for a decent size cocktail. A dash or two of bitters, shaken and served with ice. I've sometimes used cherry as a garnish, but I'm on the fence about that ...

It's delightful!



We ended up with a bottle to see if it might substitute for Campari (see previous notes about hoarding Campari in anticpation of no-deal Brexit) and it's not so good for that - too sweet for a good negroni. But now we had a bottle of Aperol. The Trigger is nice enough that we might buy it on purpose next time ...

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