suicide 2020 dumpster fire 

My 2020 started pretty well. I was on holiday in Helsinki with my wife.

Then, just a couple of days in, I got an email from a dead man. A friend of ours killed himself and sent timed emails to a handfull of people.

He was a disturbed man, and did some terrible things, but he didn't need to die. He needed help. A year ago tomorrow, I got the email, a day or two after he killed himself. It was a harbinger of the shitstorm to come.

2020 was a dumpster fire.

suicide 2020 dumpster fire 

@AspiringLuddite This is genuinely interesting and yet also fairly concerning.

suicide 2020 dumpster fire 


Deeply concerning ...

And I didn't realize until today how it kind of set the tone for the whole fucking year ...

suicide 2020 dumpster fire 

@AspiringLuddite to be honest when you think about it, maybe he knew what was coming, now i know that sounds weird but it's just crazy

suicide 2020 dumpster fire 

@AspiringLuddite jesus. I’m sorry about your friend. 🙁

Goodbye 2020, no one will miss you.

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