First menu item - we had one bulb of fennel leftoever from last week, so we'll use that and the runner beans in a pasta sauce. Several hours in the slow cooker with a can of tomatoes, some rosemary from the garden.This makes enough sauce for us to have some to use later.

Sweet potato fries anchor another meal. Corn on the cob to go with. Tofu strips done with Buffalo sauce. Save some of the sweet potato fries for, you know, reasons.


With the leftover pasta sauce and sweet potato fries, make a lasagna. Mash the fries into a puree, layer with sauce. Add some cheese, since we ate more sweet potato fries than we should have. Also a side salad with the lettuce and some onions and tomatos from the garden.

A Savoy inspired casserole. A layer of potatoes, then a few sausages, a layer of onions, more potatoes. Sauce heavily with cream mixed with salt and pepper. Bake slowly for a good long time.

Skillet dinner - roast off some of the cabbage, potatoes, and onions, all diced. Put in a hot skillet, top with egg(s), cheese, cover and cook till desired doneness.

Borschty kind of soup - grated beetroot, grated/shredded cabbage. The remaining onions and potatos. Cook long and slowly. A dollop of plain yogurt on top when serving.

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