Menu planning thread!
Menu planning thread ... the Riverford box last week contained sweetcorn, potatoes, onions, carrots, red onion squash, savoy cabbage, red pepper, and broccolli. That gave us some interesting options for the week's menus ...

We hadn't done pizza in a while, so the red pepper went to that, along with onions, some pepperoncini peppers, and a bit of what was on sale labelled 'Germam [sic] pepper salami.' (1/3)

To mix things up, I made cornbread with added whole sweetcorn and jalapenos. Served with pork chili - the leftovers of which will appear later ...

Also one of our favourites which we haven't done in a while - rice noodles with Thai(ish) peanut sauce, blanched cabbage and carrots, and a few tomatoes from the garden. (2/3)


The 'red onion squash' looked perfect for stuffing. Coconut milk rice with poached fish, roasted broccolli and onions, and the roasted squash seeds. The rest of the coconut milk went into a curry sauce.

We finish out the week with jacket potatoes topped with leftover chili; and a skillet dinner with all the remaining veg (cabbage, carrots, broccoli stems, onions) roasted, then put on the hob topped with egg and cheese. (3/3)

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