I'm behind on my menu planning/food toots since we were away a week or so ago at a event. (For those in the , it was crown tourney. I came fourth;-)

Each week we get a veg box from Riverford Organic Farms - highly recommended if you are in the UK and in their service catchment. Then we sit down and plan our meals around what was in the box. A few weeks ago it was:
carrots, sweet potato, savoy cabbage, lettuce, red pepper, courgettes, and mushrooms.

As we often do, we had pasta on the Wednesday, with a side salad using some of the lettuce, and tomatoes from our garden. For Thursday we decided on toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches. Some cabbage and carrots would go to coleslaw and the rest to sauerkraut for later.

Friday we opted for a gratin with sweet potato, cod, and onions. And speaking of onions ...

Look at this magnificent fellow from our garden! That's an onion not a leek, and those greens at the top are hollow. That's peak performance, that is, and the inspiration for a meal to come.We also had tomatoes from our garden, which were in the sandwiches we had Thursday

Saturday, if I remember rightly, I decided to take some of the young sauerkraut and make frittery things. My notes suggest leftover pork to go with.

Sunday, BLT sandwiches! Toms from the garden, bacon from the shops, lettuce from the box.

Monday, I made black pudding with buckwheat rather than barley, and stuffed the red pepper with it. I also stuffed some of the onion tubes from that giant from the garden.

Tuesday, mushroom and onion pizza. For those playing at home, that means we've still got the courgettes. There would be no box this week since we would be away, and a plan was in place for the courgettes.

Courgette parmigiana!

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