Welcome @cobflaith and @KiloGex !

Sorry for the delay, I was travelling with limited computer access.

All better now;-)

@AspiringLuddite Thanks! No issue. I'm actually debating if I should do another profile for my non-SCA stuff haha. Not sure how much people are expected to stay on topic. That's why I didn't join the academic one...seemed like I shouldn't be constantly posting cat pictures and Fitbit stats haha. I can't talk about linguistics 24/7. But I wanted to be here as Cobflaith (COVE-la, but ppl call me COVE-lee), 'cause I haven't been going to events and thought I might get inspired to participate more.


I'm of two minds about multiple profiles. On the one hand it does make it easier to split interests, but on the other ...

part of what's nice about things like masto is getting to know people rather than just topics, if that makes sense.

And cat pictures are always valid.

Interesting spelling of the name. Old Irish? If I'd heard it and tried to spell it, I'd have gone with Cobhlaith.

@AspiringLuddite Yup, Old Irish! The whole name is Cobflaith ingen Striucca meic Ímair (Cobflaith daughter of Sigtryggr son of Ivar) because I was too amused when I found Gaelicized Norse names in the Irish Annals, so I just had to do it lol.

@AspiringLuddite I actually wanted a version I found in the Annals that was spelled "Cobhfhlaith" (I like to be difficult) but the SCA name heralds took away the first two h's when I registered it. Even so, this name has driven heralds crazy. Once I got called up into court and I only looked up from my knitting because I had no idea what the herald was trying to say, and the King was like, "Yeah, you!" Then he made me say it like 3x for everyone.

@AspiringLuddite And yeah I'm of the same two minds...I was gonna use the same name I use everywhere online but then I saw this instance and just felt like I should be Cobflaith. I still wanna use my other name at the same time argh. Lol.

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