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As of the MidRealm's Tournament of the Dragon, the last of my Stateside dependents have been elevated to the Peerage.

Travelling to the US was still pretty scary, given the US and UK attitudes toward the ongoing pandemic, but I didn't want to miss this important moment.

Plus I got to extend the trip and see my parents, which was nice.

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@AspiringLuddite I'm so happy you were able to attend! Probably I know some of the people who were there. :)

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I was pleased to be able to make it. We've had a few in-person events over here already, so I wasn't jonesing quite as bad as a lot of people seem to be - but that was two or three times larger than the biggest event I've been to in Drachenwald in a long time.

Outdoors, which helped to alleviate some of my concerns.

Are you Mid or Mid-adjacent?

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@AspiringLuddite Mid-adjacent. I'm in Southeastern Northshield. My Barony Caer Anterth Mawr (roughly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) puts on a camping event jointly with a Midrealm group in northern Illinois, called Border Skirmish. Plus I used to go to Pennsic every year and I know a lot of bards from everywhere.

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@AspiringLuddite Border Skirmish Court can be super long but it's fun because we usually have two sets of Royals and lots of landed Barons/Baronesses up there.

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(aka Allesandra Brucioli)

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