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Kilt season has finally come to Norfolk.

And the erbolat right out of the oven, and then a little cooler and lot more collapsed.

Preparing for a event tomorrow (a small one), and making erbolat with chives, celery leaf, rocket, marjoram, and sage from the garden.

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Medieval(ish) Lenten Food - Three things to do with Lenten Chili

Well, Sweeney seems unimpressed, but I’m pleased to see my issue of the Compleat Anachronist, ‘A Cookery Primer: A Programmed Approach’ is out! (And available at the marketplace -

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Q: How do I get some smoke into this trout I'm curing?
A: Just a small sprinkle of Laphroaig Quater Cask might do the trick.
Experimental Testing: Success!

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Sweet potato gnocchi with rosemary and garlic butter, and some homemade hard, grating cheese. A little roasted romanesco on the side.

The other day we shot some footage for a cheesemaking tutorial for an upcoming event, and at one point I mentioned that you didn't need a huge cheese press. I pointed at some empty plastic cream thingies and said you could use those.

A week later, here we are - tarragon in one, sage in the other. Herbs from our garden, by the way ...


Peanut sauce, hard boiled egg, cabbage, carrot. Not pictured - the rice noodles underneath it all.

Is it just me, or does piloting a narrowboat feel a little like a FPS?

So, fifteen-ish years ago, I did an Coronation feast from late Roman sources, mostly Apicius. A few days ago, Legonium, a Latin by way of Lego Twitter account - - posted a comment about Moretum, attributed to Virgil, which I had made for that feast. As it happened, I had some home-made cheese handy, and plenty of celery leaf in the garden. The garlic wasn't mine ...

After many trials and tribulations, our cats will now (rarely) actually touch each other in a non-hostile fashion.

Boozehenge was built by in the Copperstill Age by Copperstillithic people. It is a complex astronomical calendar designed to indicate when it is cocktail hour.

Inspired by @alpine_thistle I made Clementine Old Fashioneds last night. I use simple syrup rather than sugar cubes, because:
a) I don't have sugar cubes
b) I frankly can't be arsed

A good job of work this morning. The deck is falling apart, but the underlying lumber is somewhat OK. Turning it into beds. The planks and such are to keep the local cat from using them as litterboxes.

And quarantine, well, work from home, day one ...

I made tortillas. The first two had way too much oil in the iron skillet. The second two are better. More updates as the situation warrants.

Also, my wife passed her UK driving test! (After having had a US driving license for decades ...) I'm not saying there was a lovely sparkling shiraz and margaritas to celebrate, but I'm not saying there weren't.

The fire wiped out all the wood store, cloth store, leather store, and bins in other stores. I'm building walls and fire doors now.

Better late than never ...

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