Pizza with store-bought mozarella and home-made pesto (spinach, garlic, ground almonds, olive oil, and home-made cheese) about to go in the oven. I'm pleased with the result.

Fear me, for I have made a decent pie crust. Pie crust, home-made cheese with garlic, a leek, a courgette, three eggs, some salt and pepper.

While we were at Coronation, the new cat leveled up in Escapology, and we were forced to improvise ...

I am not well known as a baker, and as a cake decorator even less so. But I made this for my wife, because she asked me to, and I love her ..

As I walked into this charity shop - - the man said, 'Are you the fellow that was in last week and looked at the Terry Pratchett hardbacks.?'

'I am,' I replied.

'Look here,' he said, and as I did he went to see if there were any more in the back.

I'm starting to feel like I belong here;-)

The tiny cat is still in purdah in the guest room, but the other cat knows she's there ...


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