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After many trials and tribulations, our cats will now (rarely) actually touch each other in a non-hostile fashion.

Boozehenge was built by in the Copperstill Age by Copperstillithic people. It is a complex astronomical calendar designed to indicate when it is cocktail hour.

Inspired by @alpine_thistle I made Clementine Old Fashioneds last night. I use simple syrup rather than sugar cubes, because:
a) I don't have sugar cubes
b) I frankly can't be arsed

A good job of work this morning. The deck is falling apart, but the underlying lumber is somewhat OK. Turning it into beds. The planks and such are to keep the local cat from using them as litterboxes.

And quarantine, well, work from home, day one ...

I made tortillas. The first two had way too much oil in the iron skillet. The second two are better. More updates as the situation warrants.

Also, my wife passed her UK driving test! (After having had a US driving license for decades ...) I'm not saying there was a lovely sparkling shiraz and margaritas to celebrate, but I'm not saying there weren't.

The fire wiped out all the wood store, cloth store, leather store, and bins in other stores. I'm building walls and fire doors now.

Better late than never ...

Took this on Fri the 13th. This bloody rose doesn't know when to quit. Choose a metaphor that works for you ...

This turned out well - spinach and tomato pizza, with a garlic bechamel sauce underneath, and homemade crust.

In the medieval period, brawn referred to meat in general, often pork. Modern brawn is typically made by simmering a pig's head and trotters, and keeping it in the gelatin produced. It is called head cheese in North America. The hardest part of making it can be sourcing the head in the first place.

Good though.

Pizza with store-bought mozarella and home-made pesto (spinach, garlic, ground almonds, olive oil, and home-made cheese) about to go in the oven. I'm pleased with the result.

Fear me, for I have made a decent pie crust. Pie crust, home-made cheese with garlic, a leek, a courgette, three eggs, some salt and pepper.

While we were at Coronation, the new cat leveled up in Escapology, and we were forced to improvise ...

I am not well known as a baker, and as a cake decorator even less so. But I made this for my wife, because she asked me to, and I love her ..

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