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I'm on a New Ark right now. The lack of sponsor research at the beginning is killing me;-)

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Deep semi-random tech tree helps the replayability of Surviving Mars, as do the 'Mysteries' and different sponsors/commander types.

That said, there do seem to be a few fairly optimal strategies.


I'm still on Surviving Mars, but Civ VI is cued up. I've got Frostpunk on the wish list.

@alpine_thistle - you did Cliff Empire, right?

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It is, as my wife says, kind of whack. But ... Agatha is made entirely of purist awesomesite.

Full disclosure, we've only seen the first, but it's Moffit and Gattis bringing the full Dr Who and Sherlock to bear on the Dracula story.

We just hope we get some Whitby location shots at some point.

The National Museum of Finland in Helsinki is very good indeed. Sadly the medieval exhibition is still being built, to open in 2020. The prehistoric section is as good as any I've seen, and the 'interactive' bits are excellent - so often, 'interactive' just means 'glue an iPad to the glass.'

Bonus points for having a section in the 'Story of Finland' dedicated to heavy metal - with a soundtrack including (among others) Nightwish, Children of Bodom, and Stone.

every silicon valley freak wants to transition us to a society where nine nines of humanity has nothing but a backpack containing all their worldly possessions, with the backpack itself and everything in it leased from Sqobly, a Y Combinator startup innovating 'things as a service'

If you're going to be pedantic about the new decade starting in 2021 because "there was no year 0", then you also have to be pedantic about the new decade starting on January 11, 2021, because there were no October 5-14, 1582. :steven_pun:

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1980s-90s: grey static
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2010s: settings menu with inline ads

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