That is odd. I picked up a left-handed french grip epée early on in my career, and made a point to work both hands. Fighting lefty against lefty is a tactical call - how good an idea it is often depends on how many other lefties they have at their regular practice/training ;-)

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But (and I'm speaking as a re-enactor and stage combatant and actor with a lot of time in grade) the best fight scenes pretty much bar none are from Arrow. The choreography is great, the execution is great, and the technical execution in terms of camera work and direction is great.

I mean, damn! Watch them, and pay attention to the tracking shots. In the large fights, a single shot will follow one set of fighters, then pick up another set and follow the. That is not easy,

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Not that it's completely relevant, but one of the things about fighting which sets it apart from sport fencing, is that one can lose the primary arm and have to fight off-handed. I can't fight as well left-handed as right, but I'm not bad, all things considered.

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Most people don't - which is fine - but they left the jokes in for those of us who do, which is one of the reasons why it's such a great movie.: Elizabethan fencing master puns.

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They were 1% jokes. 1% (maybe 1%) of the audience (who am I kidding, .01%) would get them, but they left them in, because why not? And for that 1 in 10K or 100K (or whatever) they were hi-freakin-larious ...

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And it is laden with really obscure historical fencing jokes. (Ref. on request.)

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. Earlier I used garlic power and cumin. Anyway ... then stick it into an oven at 160 or 180, and let it cook for half an hour ish, until it crisps up, and then use it like croutons, in salads or on soups, or whatever. It's pretty damn good ...

So, this is almost completely random, but ... for the last month or two, we've been eating a reasonable amount of what I'm calling tofutons. It started as a medieval Lent thing, and now it's just a thing ... anyway, take firm tofu, cut it into cubes, toss it with some olive oil and whatever spices you like. We've had some smoked tofu, so I've been using smoked paprika and salt. (1/2)

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did you know: shakespeare's sonnets are still copyrighted, it's just that you're allowed to use them for whatever because of the fair youths doctrine

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