250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the #MozillaLifeboat tag!

@alpine_thistle @corey

Whole chickens for soup in slow cookers, on the other hand, is to be encouraged.



That's very doable. We get a veg box once a week, and that lasts us until the next one.

And, good plan!

After many trials and tribulations, our cats will now (rarely) actually touch each other in a non-hostile fashion.

so around a century ago, there was a comic strip called The Outbursts of Everett True, where the titular character saw people being rude jackasses and decided to deal with this harshly and folks a lot of these still hold up perfectly in modern times

but i am delighted to announce

somebody's found the comics about mask-wearing

and They're Good, Folks

(uncaptioned, feel free to help out with descriptions here, i'd appreciate it)

Seriously, I hope people stop referring to the things they create as "content". You're not just making generic stuff to fill up space on a website owned by people who don't care about it. Your work deserves more respect than that. You deserve more respect than that.

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Gross moderating experience on reddit 


What's the expression? People are trash?


We're on the western edge of our relatively small town, so the city glow usually isn't too bad. It's just Norfolk - if it isn't overcast, that's because it's raining.

Gross moderating experience on reddit 


That sucks all the way around.


It's been overcast pretty much every night here for, well, forever ;-)

My wife thinks she saw a smear that might have been it, but even with the monocular I couldn't swear that I saw it.

Bloody clouds.

Getting ready for another one-on-one fighter practice with my serjeant. I also realized that although I mentioned having such a practice a few weeks ago, I didn't link to the video where you can see the extensive written commentary ;-)


rome was sacked? in this economy? hope they find a new job soon :/

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