Today in duolingo latin -
psittacos illos igne deleo.

I destroy those parrots with fire.


Looks delicious!

I usually do a thin/crispy crust with just flour, oil, salt, and yeast and a pre-bake before topping.

We had kale pesto on one this past week.


Excellent choice. And, oh!, the attachments! I gave my KA to a cousin when we moved to the UK, because voltage, and we bought a new one after a few years.

I don't use it for most of my bread making, but it's great for getting sausage bound properly, and the grinder works for pates/terrines.

I did do a teaching kitchen at an event once, where we made bread all day long. The KAs were crucial for that.

Oh to be 15 and listening to 'School's Out' and 'Another Brick in the Wall Part Two' on the actual radio ...

childhood fatalism 

Don't try to understand it - just love it and let it wash over you.

And do the Time Warp. Again.

So ... 60 pages into 'The Coming of the Terraphiles,' and it's Mike Moorcock writing Matt Smith Dr Who as PG Wodehouse viewed by future re-enactors.

"I need a PLOT, not just a SETTING"

This is my difficulty both with writing and with DMing;-)

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