The other day we shot some footage for a cheesemaking tutorial for an upcoming event, and at one point I mentioned that you didn't need a huge cheese press. I pointed at some empty plastic cream thingies and said you could use those.

A week later, here we are - tarragon in one, sage in the other. Herbs from our garden, by the way ...



Because of you, I'm just waiting for Hades to go on sale ...

The Long Dark 

Today's Long Dark safety tip is don't fall off a railroad trestle.


Yesterday's pizza was a mixed bag.

It tasted great, but I it was overloaded and got soggy. Also, the onions were too thick and still a little raw. Now I'm debating between pre-cooking the onions a little or running them through the cuise on the fine blade.

I mean, carmelized onions on the pizza ... right?

We've had some new arrivals to the server, so I thought I'd post a re-

I'm a re-enactor/re-creationist, active in the for not quite 40 years now. In that time, I've done a little bit of a lot of things, but what stuck was combat - both heavy armoured and light rapier - and cookery. I eventually went back to school to work on medieval cooks and cookery.

I've been a gamer since before I was a re-enactor. I act and write.

I run computers to earn my daily bread.

The Long Dark game, hunting 


Totally the bag! If I ever see another moose, that one can be a poncho. First, though, 120 hours of recovery time subsisting on naught but water and moose meat. And that last little bit of wolf I had left over.

The Long Dark game, hunting 

Well, it cost me most of a day, ten bullets, and two broken ribs, but I eventually got that moose.

if people got descriptive last names in modern times 

Johnny Ebayer
Carly Instagrammer
Paul Tinderson
Jeffrey Youtuber
Linda deReddit
Eugen von Mastodon
Paula Uberlyft
Elvin Anprim
Kora Stanmore
Julia Hamiltonfan
Robby Printerbreaker
Aurora Onlyfans

Is it just me or is 'our website is unavailable in Europe due to GDPR' a complicated way of saying 'our data collection and management policies suck?'

New Ménagier de Downham Market!

I talk a little about medieval sauces and saucemakers, and then make a non-medieval bechamel.


rsync (and rsync over ssh) have the advantage that if the connection breaks it can track which files have already been transferred.

If you've got a single big file, that's a different problem.

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