You know what would be great? A little shelf outside my office door. That way when I'm coming back from the kitchen with a hot beverage and need to fish out my keys, I wouldn't have to awkwardly balance the mug or put it on the floor.

That would be great.


Just to be clear, fantasy is when the technology is sufficiently advanced.

The film project I've been working on just made the news. It's been so incredible. I made all the music which features so prominently in the film. On the weekend we've got a series of three sold out screenings with live score. Feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing experience.

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Love Kremlin. I was on the original RoR playtest team. The rule that limits a player to one assassination attempt per turn is down to me ...

In one of the playtest games I managed two or three succesful murders in one turn which removed enough votes for me to win. (I think that was what happened. It was a while ago.)

personal admissions 

At this stage of my life, She-Hulk was more immediately accessible than Ms Marvel because I know more angry women lawyers than 16 year old Muslim girls.

Which is, you know, kind of a thing.

To be fair, I know no one with full on super-powers, though.

Book I hate 


I really did not care for it either. Nor did my mother, in fact.

And we talked about it since it did get so much good press (literal and metaphorical).

We still don't get it.


Not beer? Are you postulating an non-agrarian (or at least non-ceral agrarian) society? (I don't know the game/model.)

Beer was also pretty prevalent in early booze-making.

And once you've got mead/wine/beer, the distillation is also pretty straightforward ...

food, cheesmaking 

Cheesemaking today - I started with about 3 litres of milk yesterday. After culturing, renneting, and hanging overnight I have about 800 gm of curds.

Half is in the press, and will go into heavily salted whey later, for a feta style.

The other half got mixed with rosemary and is destined for pizza in the next few days.

Selfies, eye contact, the ravages of age 


Even worse, I was looking at a couple of old, stodgy guys on the train the other day, and realised they were probably my age.

video game: my current favorite list on my Steam Deck 


Not my fave list, per se ... but the games I play/have played the hell out of:
X-COM (and X-COM 2 somewhat)
Surviving Mars
The Long Dark
and right now a lot of

Not in Steam, but one I still spend a lot of time on is Dwarf Fortress. (Which I guess is available in Steam, these days.)

Not SFW etc ... 


Louis, I ***WILL* cut a bitch!

is off the table, then?

You have one month left to grab your copy of The Highwayman, a 100-page adaptation of Alfred Noyes’ poem exploring narrative illustration through a graphic design lens!

Initially drawn in 2020 as part of my Master’s thesis, I came back to this book this year to revise and improve it. Many pages have been redrawn to improve the reading experience.


I'm doing a feast for an event in December and writing a series of posts about the process.


Rain here as well, thank who/whatever one thanks for such things.

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