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I'm not sure it's 'Hollywood' per se. Charlize Theron is a producer on Old Guard. Hollywood didn't do this for her - she did it for herself.


There's a sweet spot for melee (at least for me) - somewhere in the high double figures or low three-digits per side. Enough so that good strategy can beat a few hot sticks ...


Oh, it's not my favorite combat either, just my favorite team sport;-)

Greatsword is good fun. I fought a lot of it back in the day.

Mask wearing in England 


My supermarket might be better than that, but it's the wrong people wearing them. It's mostly older people, ie the vulnerable, not the rest of the people who might be infectious. So the people who are most at risk are protecting the rest of the people at lower risk with no reciprocity.

How many times do we have to say it - wear masks to protect other people!


No joke. My parents daily routine includes going outside, shaking the grapevine, shaking the beetles out of their hair, then picking all of them up and dropping them in bucket of soapy water.

After the are well and truly dead, they bury them for compost reasons.

smoking mention 

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Exactly! Commit to the bit is rule one of comedy. Or if not rule, certainly in top three. Or five. Well, it's an important rule.

According to my girlfriend the only thing worse than mansplaining is manfusing:

When you already know something perfectly well, but some dude keeps spewing out random bits of misinformation until you're completely confused and can't tell left from right anymore.

Well, today I've written 2200 words of analysis of the videos of last weekend's fighter practice. Which was still only two of us.

non-fascinating fact about me 


Which should tell you if it's Roman or Medieval-Roman ;-)

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Preach it. The tagline on my website reads: html on this site has been lovingly crafted by hand. You just don't get craftsmanship like this anymore, in this age of mass-produced, pre-fab websites.

Artisinal websites, amirite?

@agnes - there's another SCA person over here who has just started chickens ...

COVID-19, Texas, USpol, TXpol 

Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston finally took action to cancel the Texas Republican Convention, which they intended to hold in a convention center in downtown Houston next week. The city owns the center.

Turner referred to a clause in the contract that allows either party to cancel any event for occurrences out of its control, SPECIFICALLY INCLUDING "epidemics in the City of Houston."

The chairman of the Texas GOP has vowed to fight the cancellation in court.

The local amusement park has reopened, and "A Souvenir Playland Face Mask is included with paid admission!" as the first search engine result reads like Vonnegut fanfiction.

gonna make a spooky mystery video about how we have no idea what happened to the vast Anglo Saxon civilisation which just disappeared in 1066 for no known reasons, and we have no idea where the people went

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They also disabled cabin fever - small mercies, eh? 10C is pretty harsh. At the minute, almost any time I'm outside I'm losing heat, and I've got a fairly heavy duty outfit (except for my hands).

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