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Can you Sword Fight in a Wedding Dress? 


Is this a trick question? The answer is, yes, of course.

Operation Hedgehog Paradise seems to be working. Last night, we got two videos at roughly 1200 and 0200 of Harley the Hedgehog in the same spot in the garden, suggesting Harley remained IN the garden all night.

Excellent news.

vaccination (+) 


Excellent. My household is fully dosed. Neither of us had a problem with the second shot ...

Got the sprout seeds into the ground today. Late, but then we had late frosts, so ...



I'm also a fan of games that have productive downtime, which almost always means doing things on your own. (Ars Magica, for instance, is great for this sort of thing.)

The idea of a party of specialists, who then spend all their time in a crowd is ... weird;-)



It's also a good fit for some of the crunchier games, where you can take the time to really enjoy some of the arcane mechanics.

If the system has a lot of moving parts, so to speak, it can really drag if multiple people are all trying to figure out how to do whatever obscure thing they are trying to do.

Also, you can get sloppy about power levels and balance, since there aren't any other players to feel slighted or left out.



We used to this quite a bit, in the old days. I've also done this with PBeM fairly successfully.

Good fun.


Only the very occasional fox in these parts; there was one handsome (and large!) fellow in the cemetary a while back. We're in the fens, so there's not much reason for foxes or deer to come into town itself, although deer are easy to see from the train.

We do get some nice waterfowl - grey herons are a favourite.

And, of course, the hedgehog in the back garden.


No pictures, but a deer, two cats, and lots of birds in the first half-mile of my morning cycle.

pandemic,lockdown-meltdown, basically positive though 

So I'm doing pretty well during lockdown and so on. What I do miss is the sort of 'crowd all together in a similar headspace, and it's a good headspace' thing. That was sometimes a festival or a concert, more often an event.

Today I stumbled across this video and it made me weepy - a wide spectrum of humanity doing a thing together that they enjoy. And I enjoyed it too.

Despite what Republican Margorie Taylor Greene says, there is no such thing as 'Anglo-Saxon political traditions'.

Dr MRO has an excellent article discussing the history of the term 'Anglo-Saxon': Misnaming the Medieval: Rejecting “Anglo-Saxon” Studies, by Mary Rambaran-Olm

"Rather than accurately portray the early English people as separate tribes (most notably, Angles, Saxons, and Jutes) that migrated to the British Isle, the Anglo-Saxon myth links white people with an imagined heritage based on indigeneity to Britain. This false account of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’ as a nation and ‘race’ has played heavily in political discourse over the past 500 years, often reconstructed to include fictitious narratives to promote political messages of patriotism, imperialism, or racial superiority."

"We do not need to change previous scholarship or titles that include the term ‘Anglo-Saxon’ or ‘Anglo-Saxonist,’ but we can take corrective measures because language is always evolving. It matters when we use a racist dog-whistle term like ‘Anglo-Saxon,’ which is neither neutral nor correctly represents the early English people. As the old adage goes: ‘words matter.’"

#AngloSaxon #WhiteSupremacy #Racism #EarlyMedieval #Language

mental health very negative, suicide ideation 


And by cool, we mean very not cool.

That sucks.


Our alliums are doing alright - 'volunteers' from last year. We're still getting the odd overnight frost, which is weird. Nothing seems to mind too much, but we're happy enough we didn't put the tomatoes in the ground yet.

gaming, XCOM, comedy 

I'm currently on a mission along docks crammed with fishing vessels.

In Pheonix, AZ, USA.

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