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I really enjoyed the first Witcher, thought the second was alright, and haven't played the third ...

the first was REALLY good, though.


You can see there's some setting up, then a few blows are exchanged, and even if someone doesn't die, there's usually a reset. There's some other stuff on his channel, which you might interesting. If not, I'll see what else I can come up with.

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OK, try this - - it's a year old, and only slightly embarrassing. (We've both improved.) Aaron spends some time explaining what we're doing and why, which you might find interesting.


How much detail do you want;-)

And are you looking for specific styles or weapons? There's a lot of stuff out there ...


That's all a gross oversimplification, of course, but it's a place to start.

to summarize: you can start with a plan, but it's out the window once things get rolling; thinking in the heat of the action is not a surivival strategy; hard focus can lead to narrowing your own options. (But don't get distracted, of course;-)

Any help?


with respect to the reset, if one side/person is more experienced, then they are still fighting when the other side wants to reset, and that tends to result in victory.

focus needs to be diffuse, because otherwise one tends to get target lock. If you look at fighting/fencing videos, especially of novices, there's a tendency to throw repeated shots into the same location, rather than being aware of the overall situation and adjusting targets appropriately.
(one more coming)

Glad you asked ... yes, I've been fencing and fighting in the for well over three decades.

Fighting headspace is weird, and if it's really ticking over, the thinking only happens between moments of engagement. If you are thinking while you are actually attacking or blocking, you're probably missing the shot or block - which has predictably bad results.

This is why most fights tend to be 'bursty' - short flurries of action and then a reset. (more to come)


My pack a day habit is that if I haven't scritched at least a small pack's worth of fuzzy critters, I get short-tempered and irritable.

Just got back from the first in-person event since Covid hit. (Outdoors, required lateral flow test before the event, and in the middle if you stayed the whole time, et c.)

It was weird.

There are many cool things to do with an abandoned golf course. Most of them involve it being dark outside.

The Bad, the Slight Amelioration, and the Relief - not an Old Western.

On my morning cycle ride, I noticed my left pedal was starting to wobble, so I turned around to head home. Within 100 yards or so, it fell off.

Fortunately, I wasn't too far from home and it was mostly slightly downhill, so I could coast most of the way.

Even better, the shaft hadn't sheared off as I feared. The nut had just worked loose, so I was able to fix it.

Still, not the way I planned to start my day.

food, medieval history 

I found a cookbook of medieval recipes, I've made one (it was delicious), and I absolutely love the fact that there are literally three dishes in it called 'Garbage', 'Compost', and 'Creme Bastard'.

food, medieval history 

@mearcstapa @nomad

Just let me know how much medieval cookery data dump you would like, and I will absolutely hook you up;-)

Constance Hieatt (one of the Pleyn Delit authors) is one of the truly great names in the field, especially as far as the English language sources go. So much good stuff in medieval cookery.

If you are so inclined, here are some posts of mine from the early 90s working with medieval sources -

Bit of a fan, here;-)

Finished building a workbench using reclaimed lumber from the garage renovation.


Hmm, my oldest extant personal web-page has a time stamp of 16 Jan 1996. So that's its last modification time.

So only 25 years going on 26;-)


The rain has been doing nice things to my garden - and the drive refurb has been done, so now the garage doesn't flood!


Grey and damp up here in Norfolk. I almost skipped my morning cycle, but I didn't and I'm glad. The weather held, and it was pleasantly cool.



Menu items include:
Lark's tongue in mole
Brain taco salad surgery

And the twenty-two minute mariachi version of Thick as a Brick is amazing.

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