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New: Washington has become the first U.S. state to legalize a type of human burial called recomposition — sometimes known as body composting. (@KUOW)

Perhaps relevant to some of (y)our interests ... public release of desktop mastodon client for Windows and Linux.


Mmm. Looks good.

You might try a thinner layer to see if that helps with the density.


Is this a sign of the apocalypse? There is no such thing as 'too many books.'

So I bought a bunch of tools the other week - Makita LTX battery series. Including with the kit came a poster with all the things you can buy that run off the same battery series. In addition to the fan vest and the heated vest, they also have their version of the roomba.

I settled for just the saws, drills, and sanders that I actually needed. Well, and the strimmer that my wife needed.


Well ... more or less. I weighed it out 2-1, but it was too thin, so I added more gram flour.

And it was pretty tasty;-)


So about 3/2 water/flour by weight, splash of olive oil, little salt, some rosemary, chives, and thyme from the garden. Hot skillet on the stovetop.

Looks good, though;-)

I'm going to make another round tonight, I think. With some grilled asparagus and tomato bound together with a little egg. Not a full omelet or frittata, just a little egg to hold them together ...


Pretty much the same way as always - send it to me and I'll stick it up;-)

All the stuff you've posted so far is Latin, rather than German ... German I can't really help with ...

Austriae Ducatus Chorographia, Wolfgango Lazio Auctore - map of the Duchy of Austria by Wolfgang Lazio, right? (Or something like that ...)

Almost certainly Episcopatus Saltsburgensis - so the Bishopric of Salzburg. Probably *should* be Episcopatus Salisburgensis.

Based on it being a map, of course. Hmm. Map 108?

@Goldie I don't know it well, but I think it had politics both sexual and secular.

I pretty much always use olive oil. And you'll certainly need to season/re-season it at some point, so if you want to practice on it new, might as well;-)

Oh, and as an aside/follow up on the socca - I think leaving the batter to sit for a while to fully hydrate before cooking may be important. The fritters I made a while ago were painfully dry, and these were not.

@BasilDragonstrike @Goldie

Sure - I guess you mean in addition to gram/chickpea flour;-) Pea protein shows up in a vegan foods. 'Huel' uses it a lot, I think.

A quick search shows both green and yellow pea flour to be pretty widely available. Ditto bean flour in a number of varieties. Fava bean flour sounds like it would work reasonably well.


Stovetop - no oven at all. Nice thin layer, cooked 'em like crepes in just a couple of minutes. I got greedy, and tried to flip it before it was ready which is why the picture isn't of a perfect circle.

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