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So, on-topic for the , at an event this weekend I fought with a center-grip for the first time in maybe ever, but certainly decades.

I quite liked it.

Another mad Vampire in - he killed five before I caught him. Survived a year in chains and fifty-ish hammer blows. But went mad during his imprisonment. At some point, he'll be released to wander around babbling until something kills him.

Probably a Forgotten Beast.

The cows are on the common again - another sign that spring is here!

@aodh Do you think it's worth pimping the slack on the kingdom webpage and/or mentioning on the Kingdom email list? It appears to be somewhat under known.

We’re watching Star Trek Discovery (only halfway through Series One - no spoilers) and one of the things I am very much enjoying is the call-backs, not only to Star Trek, although I love those, but to other things as well. Case in point, in Episode 9, ‘Into the Forest I Go’, Lt Stamets (Anthony Rapp) tells Dr Culber (Wilson Cruz) that he’ll go to see ‘La Boheme’ with him. That was awesome.

I'm afraid most all of you are missing out on this German pastry delicacy known as "Little Mountain Peaks" (also called "mountain climber" or "shrapnel" in some parts of the country):

cocoa, buttercream, waffle floor & shortcrust mixed together, covered in dark chocolate. So yummy 💕

Birds perch on the wire
Beneath them the ground is white
I move a few steps

Happy feast day of Saint Burrito of Ely, in whose honour we moderate the Lenten fast and breakfast on cappucino or latte, and dine on burritos with cheese.

Ah crap. I think I just random-reference-d myself into writing a fanfic where Dr. Stephen Strange and Dr. Hugo Strange are actually long-lost brothers or something like that.

I blame @vtel57 .
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