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MeeplePhD: A to Z Gaming: The Grizzled We tried to survive World War I in the trenches in The Grizzled, the next game in our A-Z game shelf play-through.


There's one bit of Swedish that keeps tripping me up, and it's because of Latin. Hon is she, and han is he. My Latin brain wants 'a' to be feminine because of first declension nouns, and 'o' to be masculine because of second declension nouns.

Those of us with a bardic bent may be interested in this article regarding increasing (western) literary attention to mental states accompanying printing tech:

I don't feel quite as strongly about IPAs, but I do completely fail to understand the appeal.

Fear me, for I have made a decent pie crust. Pie crust, home-made cheese with garlic, a leek, a courgette, three eggs, some salt and pepper.

When AI is asked to get to the finish line, it tends to build a very tall robot that gets there by falling over.
I copied that strategy and almost broke Simone Giertz's robot workshop. (Sorry!)

I like Jack Higgins. The Eagle Has Landed is a good book, and was adapted into my favorite WWII movie of all time.

So I was doubly disappointed with the 2016 Sean Dillon book The Midnight Bell. It read more like a parody of Higgins than actual Higgins.

On the other hand, I recently cranked through 'The Little Paris Bookshop' and 'The Angel's Game' and both were pretty good, and have themes about the power of books to do good (or evil). Which is right in my sweet spot.

New - got my group all ready for embark. Upon arrival, the wagon falls into the lake. Four out of seven drown almost immediately.

Let's try that again ...

Huh. This article makes an interesting case that it was the ballpoint pen, not computers, that brought about the decline of handwriting.

As if the fire at Notre Dame were not enough - - - Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, which dates back to the Umayyad Caliphate, and is on the Temple Mount which dates back to nearly forever, had a fire earlier today:

Luckily, there was very little damage. But what a loss that would have been! And on top of the Notre Dame it would have been just too much.

In which we discuss George Leslie, the closest New York in the Gilded Age had to a supervillain. Seriously, this story has it all - secret identities, mansions, hidden lairs, the whole bit.
#ttrpg #rpg #steampunk #newyork #nyc #victorian #gildedage #althistory #history

So, on-topic for the , at an event this weekend I fought with a center-grip for the first time in maybe ever, but certainly decades.

I quite liked it.

Another mad Vampire in - he killed five before I caught him. Survived a year in chains and fifty-ish hammer blows. But went mad during his imprisonment. At some point, he'll be released to wander around babbling until something kills him.

Probably a Forgotten Beast.

The cows are on the common again - another sign that spring is here!

@aodh Do you think it's worth pimping the slack on the kingdom webpage and/or mentioning on the Kingdom email list? It appears to be somewhat under known.

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