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"Education isn't something you can finish"

-- Isaac Asimov

The MAA (Medieval Academy of America - ) is looking for feedback from non-traditional medievalists as well as those outside tenured or tenture track positions. Also look at their statement of support for such scholars -

Perhaps of interest to folk

#DwarfFortress is finally patching in petting animals. Including undead animals??? Best game ever

Racism & white selfhood, swastikas, slurs mention 

Part II in a continuing series -

Thirty-Five Years With Blade in Hand - Part Two - A Youth Spent in the

"I thought unicorns were horses... or goats with scales, or something."

"They were, but those subspecies went extinct ages ago."

"So how is this... also... a unicorn," I asked.

It looked like a gray hare on stilt legs, but with an elongated neck. A single horn, iridescent and sharp, twinkled, spiraling upwards from the center of its forehead.

"One horn," explained the handler.

Well, it cured my eczema, I guess that's what mattered.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

How Norway turns criminals into good neighbours.
"I really don't remember the last time we had violence here. Maybe we had one or two incidences of spitting?"

The other day I found a couple of dishes at Morrison’s, called Pie Dishes or somesuch, but they looked to be perfect for making pâtés/terrines, since they nest a little bit and are a good size for about a 1/2 a kilo.

I realized while making it this basic , pâté, that a ‘classic’ pâté spicing, quatre épices, is an awful lot like my usual poudre fort mix-only my poudre fort doesn’t include nutmeg. I wonder if it is possible to trace poudre fort directly to quatre épices …

Ravelry folks! In particular, crocheters! I have my first neural net-generated patterns posted to the LSG HAT3000 thread.
Did it work? I have no idea. Some of the crochet notation in the dataset is VERY old, and it's not consistent at all. The results look like patterns maybe?

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