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Took this on Fri the 13th. This bloody rose doesn't know when to quit. Choose a metaphor that works for you ...

Due to the results of the UK General Election, I joined two groups this week.

The Electoral Reform Society and the Open Rights Group.

I'm also considering setting up a regular donation to Amnesty International.

Basically: I'm looking beyond what the exit from the EU could mean for us.

> Archaeologists—predominantly male—gave ancient ages names like “Iron” and “Bronze,” rather than “Pottery” or “Flax.” This implies that metal objects were the principal features of these times, when they are simply often the most visible and long-lasting remnants.

Kassia St. Clair discusses weaving in prehistory, in an excerpt from her book about the history of fabric.

'A pint's a pound, the world around' for some values of pint and pound. And world.

UK politics, a bad word, and music 

This turned out well - spinach and tomato pizza, with a garlic bechamel sauce underneath, and homemade crust.

reminder that the whole "paperclip optimization" problem (the idea that an AI could/would destroy humanity if you told it to optimize for something because it would become the most optimal path) is actually... already there. they're called companies. it's all called capitalism. it's destroying the environment and exploiting humanity to optimize for money for shareholders.

Slate: The Disappearance of John M. Ford

"I wanted to learn why a beloved science fiction writer fell into obscurity after his death. I didn’t expect that I would help bring his books back to life."

Today in duolingo latin -
psittacos illos igne deleo.

I destroy those parrots with fire.

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Medievalists and Medieval-adjacent. Sort-of.