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Today is the first day of Lent, and for quite a while now (at least a decade), we've been observing something like a medieval style Lent as an exercise in foodways and medieval culture.

I'm an atheist, so there is no religious significance for me, per se, but, during the medeival period, Lent was a cultural experience as much as a religious one.

Here's a post from 2011 with some thoughts -

Sir Avery fighting for Zoe, defeated Lord Ranulf fighting for Lady Euphrosyne 3 bouts to 1 in a best of five final at Insulae Draconis coronet tourney yesterday.

Long Live Prince Avery and Princess Zoe!

Interesting (and funny) analysis of why the medieval west thought bestiality was bad. Spoiler alert - much of it has to do with medieval Christian theology.

Ideology is like accent: If you think you don't have one, it's because you haven't met a lot of people who don't share it.

Read this great take by @danny on reducing the impact of the web. My favorite: "Just last week I reduced global emissions by an estimated 59.000 kg CO2 per month by removing a 20 kB JavaScript dependency in Mailchimp for WordPress." That's amazing when you think about it. Makes me want to do more with my stuff!

I just finished 'Vita Nostra' by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko (in translation, I confess)

I started out thinking it was like a dark Russian Harry Potter, and then it got weird.

Oddly, it seems like everything I'm bumping into now is about Soviet super children. We also just finished Stranger Things 3. And watched the first episode of Umbrella Academy.

When my left arm gets tired, my shield slips in every so slightly to my right, leaving a hole in my guard high on the outside of my left thigh.

Ask me how I know;-)

@cute @efi @Bashabez I was today years old when I learned that horses were not in fact introduced to the Americas by the Spanish, as I was always taught in school, and this lie is in fact a 500+ year old piece of Spanish colonial propaganda

Your beauty lasts beyond the grave
The angels call you, sainted maid
Although you're nameless here, forever more
Your voice is like forgotten lore
I'm rapping at the chamber door
I cannot compete with you, Lenore
Lenore Lenore Lenore Lenore
I'm begging of you please don't haunt my man

'What color?'
'Red. ... Unless it's Pinot, then beer.'

I am loving Tim Minchin in Upright.

We went up to York this past weekend for the Panto, and stumbled into this place. It's the best £40 meal I've had in a long time, and may be my new favourite restaurant ... we had the tasting menu, of course ...

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The National Museum of Finland in Helsinki is very good indeed. Sadly the medieval exhibition is still being built, to open in 2020. The prehistoric section is as good as any I've seen, and the 'interactive' bits are excellent - so often, 'interactive' just means 'glue an iPad to the glass.'

Bonus points for having a section in the 'Story of Finland' dedicated to heavy metal - with a soundtrack including (among others) Nightwish, Children of Bodom, and Stone.

every silicon valley freak wants to transition us to a society where nine nines of humanity has nothing but a backpack containing all their worldly possessions, with the backpack itself and everything in it leased from Sqobly, a Y Combinator startup innovating 'things as a service'

If you're going to be pedantic about the new decade starting in 2021 because "there was no year 0", then you also have to be pedantic about the new decade starting on January 11, 2021, because there were no October 5-14, 1582. :steven_pun:

1980s-90s: grey static
2000s: unbroken blue
2010s: settings menu with inline ads

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Medievalists and Medieval-adjacent. Sort-of.