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Marginally adjacent ... as part of the Known World Dance Off in the , Insulae Draconis prepared this, using the song that would have won Eurovision. From Iceland, or the shire of Klakavirki in Insulae Draconis, in Drachenwald.

random information: in 2005, the country of georgia fired almost all of its police force. at once. the whole institution was just deemed unsalvageable (corruption, abuse of power, you know). they then rebuilt the whole thing. the country got by just fine without police for some months. there are several studies on the results, apparently it worked out pretty well:

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Mauled by yet another bear, but not eaten.

I hid in a car.

The Phantom River Malbec, from Chile, is a remarkably good bargain.

Inspired by @alpine_thistle I made Clementine Old Fashioneds last night. I use simple syrup rather than sugar cubes, because:
a) I don't have sugar cubes
b) I frankly can't be arsed

This style of sweetheart brooch was fairly common in the 1930s and 40s, and usually when they turn up on Etsy it's a man and woman's name together. Was this a BFF thing (BE FRI ST ENDS 1935)? Love token? Anyway, Velma & Gladys Forever.

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If your grocery stores are like mine shelves are still empty after the initial rush of panic buying and hoarding. Based on a close analysis (which is to say, casual observation at my local Morrisons), pasta, flour, canned and dried beans, toilet roll, and hand-sanitizer are the most popular items to buy in ludicrous quantities, with tonic water and cream crackers having a short-lived run. So here's a recipe with those things ...

Hard boiled Cinderalla Noir- 

Hard boiled Cinderalla Noir-

The shoe. The damned shoe, it always comes back to the shoe. I knew when she hobbled into my office on one high heel that she would be trouble.

Want to be on an episode of House Hunters, but for normal people. “Sarah and Amanda are looking for an up-to-code starter home with a porch. Their budget is $100k. They would prefer not to share the street with a meth lab.”

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