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I'm going to try to post more stuff this year, and since my focus is cooking a lot of it will be cooking-related.

That said:

In 1472, a year after his death, the estate of William Gale of York paid for a mass and a meal, and 'Paid to John Gaunton, cook, for his work 1 s . 2 d .'

Gale lived in York, so Gaunton ought to be a guild member there. Which means it's nice to find John Gaunton, cook, son of John Gaunton, locksmith, entered in the roll of the Freemen of York in 1440/1441.

hit 15% of the chicken startup costs recouped! good work, ladies!!

Nobody was answering my question of what happens if the chambers split on certifying a state's electoral votes, so I went to the statute.

Which is how I learned that the Electoral Count Act was written by a pack of drunken lemurs.

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

suicide 2020 dumpster fire 

My 2020 started pretty well. I was on holiday in Helsinki with my wife.

Then, just a couple of days in, I got an email from a dead man. A friend of ours killed himself and sent timed emails to a handfull of people.

He was a disturbed man, and did some terrible things, but he didn't need to die. He needed help. A year ago tomorrow, I got the email, a day or two after he killed himself. It was a harbinger of the shitstorm to come.

2020 was a dumpster fire.

This link is an interesting story about a recently rediscovered book that belonged to Thomas becket.

So the holiday slide begins ... checked out of work - on a positive note! - drinking a cocktail I invented called a Trigger (I said to my wife, 'it's a Rob Roy variant, I'll call it a Roy Rogers,' said she, 'I think there's already a cocktail called a Roy Rogers,' 'fine,' I replied, 'then it shall be a Trigger.'), and playing The Long Dark with said wife kibitzing ...

there are a few
meme formats
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burma shave

food and alcohol 

In light of an impending no-deal Brexit, we have begun hoarding Campari.

Medieval "friendship" poem 

This poem was written by the French bishop and writer Baldric of Dol (d. 1130) "To The One Named Walter", whose identity is uncertain but who may have been the man who copied Baldric's poems in manuscript. In this poem, he asks Walter to become a monk so that they can live together.

My translation:

When we are separated, may we be brought together by our letters to each other:
May today's letter from me to you again bring me closer to you;
May my letter tell you and tell you again "be well"
And, to please you even more, may it tell you a third time.
I have recently received the honey of your poem, Walter,
You wrote it yourself, you touched if with your hand.
I welcomed this poem with all the kindness it was owed,
And I soon enrolled it under the banner of my love.
My joyful poem comes to visit you in return,
And implore you on my behalf to shelter me under the wing of your love.

You plan to stay the whole day at home. What do you wear?

food and notionally drink 

Q: How do I get some smoke into this trout I'm curing?
A: Just a small sprinkle of Laphroaig Quater Cask might do the trick.
Experimental Testing: Success!

Migration to the CDN finished. Everyone on is now getting media files via the new CDN.

Any issues or questions please let me know.

Thanks 🐘

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food, cheesemaking 

I realized I forgot to post this here, and it's even notionally .
Our outdoor exercise Friday was at Binham Priory for the first time-embarassing since it’s so close.Just off the Priory is The Little Dairy Shop.It has an ice cream freezer with an honesty box, vending machines for local cheese,skyr and the like,and one selling raw milk.I have been looking (in a desultory way) for raw milk for nearly two decades-and here it is! I’ve got the curd in the press now.

More and news ... Drachenwald Kingdom University is virtual this year, and takes place the weekend after next. Registration closes in a couple of days. It is open to all, not just SCA members - so if you are interested in the SCA, re-enactment, or hand-on medievalism in general, check out the class list ...

Some or at least content ... a couple of weeks ago, Countess Anna and I appeared on 'Fighting the World' to talk to the hosts about rapier, melée, and rapier melée in Drachenwald ...

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