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Clothing - Ecology & Economy #sewing 

Some brands are starting to work on this, but I don't think relying on brands is the answer. I've decided to go with linen, hemp and wool clothes I sew myself. I was worried about going off of techno-fabrics for bike riding, but so far linen and wool is working well. I know sewing isn't an option for a lot of people, but if you want to seize the means of production for yourself it's fun! Stay tuned for toots on economies of pre-Industrial clothes.

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Well, Sweeney seems unimpressed, but I’m pleased to see my issue of the Compleat Anachronist, ‘A Cookery Primer: A Programmed Approach’ is out! (And available at the marketplace -

#sewing #diy #sca

Spouse finished sewing me this beautiful green linen tunic! She hand sewed every single stitch! I did the historical research, design and pattern making. It fits great! This is for a an early Medieval Celtic persona in Society for Creative Anachronism. I imagine I'll be wearing this for mundane clothes, too, just a tad eccentric. I suppose it looks like a dress.

Do you ever randomly remember the massive bullshit that was the "Reconquista"

today's #blackhistorymonth spotlight is on comrade Fred Moten, one of the foremost theorists of blackness of our time and a dazzling poet

Real *nix nerds look at all the 4:20 posts and think, 'write only is a weird group permission.'

Wombats are the only Earth creatures to poop cubes. The article I read about this used the phrase "six-sided brownies."

I need to make sure I put this phrase to good use in our Pathfinder game sometime.

This probably dates me and outlines my entire squishy lefty philosophy, but ...

watching the Discovery opening credits, I tear up every time the original Trek fanfare plays.

The mail program on my Mac has flagged something that I MYSELF sent to a mailing list as junk.

Will my fragile ego survive the blow? Stay tuned, true believers ...

#DIY #sewing #hat
Spouse is making hats! And I'm helping. Here is a wool tweed pillbox style hat she sewed out of some scrap wool from another project. It is lined with linen. The wool was pretty easy to work with. This a style is called a pilleus Pannonicus, or a Pannonian cap and was common in late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages.

i was listening to some teenagers talk in staccato in public, mimicking the way people talk in youtube videos when the ums, ahs and dead air is edited out, and i realized i was hearing an accent. like people from different towns and countries have accents, people from different parts of the Internet have accents.

Because I am getting too many strange signups in the last 24 hours and most people don't read the Terms of Service, I added a Temporary Notice to Pricing page:

"If you are looking for an alternative to Parler, this is not it. Please look elsewhere. Thanks."

I hope that's clear enough :)

Just remember that sea shanties are a gateway to FInntroll.

I would highly recommend the Medievalists of Color website for anybody interested in medieval history, and particularly the intersection of race and medieval studies (CW for eye contact on the website):

Looking for medieval history podcasts? These ones are all good:
- Medieval Death Trip
- Byzantium and Friends
- The Medieval Podcast

I'm going to try to post more stuff this year, and since my focus is cooking a lot of it will be cooking-related.

That said:

In 1472, a year after his death, the estate of William Gale of York paid for a mass and a meal, and 'Paid to John Gaunton, cook, for his work 1 s . 2 d .'

Gale lived in York, so Gaunton ought to be a guild member there. Which means it's nice to find John Gaunton, cook, son of John Gaunton, locksmith, entered in the roll of the Freemen of York in 1440/1441.

hit 15% of the chicken startup costs recouped! good work, ladies!!

Nobody was answering my question of what happens if the chambers split on certifying a state's electoral votes, so I went to the statute.

Which is how I learned that the Electoral Count Act was written by a pack of drunken lemurs.

suicide 2020 dumpster fire 

My 2020 started pretty well. I was on holiday in Helsinki with my wife.

Then, just a couple of days in, I got an email from a dead man. A friend of ours killed himself and sent timed emails to a handfull of people.

He was a disturbed man, and did some terrible things, but he didn't need to die. He needed help. A year ago tomorrow, I got the email, a day or two after he killed himself. It was a harbinger of the shitstorm to come.

2020 was a dumpster fire.

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