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Kilt season has finally come to Norfolk.

And the erbolat right out of the oven, and then a little cooler and lot more collapsed.

Preparing for a event tomorrow (a small one), and making erbolat with chives, celery leaf, rocket, marjoram, and sage from the garden.

Operation Hedgehog Paradise seems to be working. Last night, we got two videos at roughly 1200 and 0200 of Harley the Hedgehog in the same spot in the garden, suggesting Harley remained IN the garden all night.

Excellent news.

Got the sprout seeds into the ground today. Late, but then we had late frosts, so ...

pandemic,lockdown-meltdown, basically positive though 

So I'm doing pretty well during lockdown and so on. What I do miss is the sort of 'crowd all together in a similar headspace, and it's a good headspace' thing. That was sometimes a festival or a concert, more often an event.

Today I stumbled across this video and it made me weepy - a wide spectrum of humanity doing a thing together that they enjoy. And I enjoyed it too.

Despite what Republican Margorie Taylor Greene says, there is no such thing as 'Anglo-Saxon political traditions'.

Dr MRO has an excellent article discussing the history of the term 'Anglo-Saxon': Misnaming the Medieval: Rejecting “Anglo-Saxon” Studies, by Mary Rambaran-Olm

"Rather than accurately portray the early English people as separate tribes (most notably, Angles, Saxons, and Jutes) that migrated to the British Isle, the Anglo-Saxon myth links white people with an imagined heritage based on indigeneity to Britain. This false account of the ‘Anglo-Saxons’ as a nation and ‘race’ has played heavily in political discourse over the past 500 years, often reconstructed to include fictitious narratives to promote political messages of patriotism, imperialism, or racial superiority."

"We do not need to change previous scholarship or titles that include the term ‘Anglo-Saxon’ or ‘Anglo-Saxonist,’ but we can take corrective measures because language is always evolving. It matters when we use a racist dog-whistle term like ‘Anglo-Saxon,’ which is neither neutral nor correctly represents the early English people. As the old adage goes: ‘words matter.’"

#AngloSaxon #WhiteSupremacy #Racism #EarlyMedieval #Language

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I'm currently on a mission along docks crammed with fishing vessels.

In Pheonix, AZ, USA.

#sca fighting 

So, I drove 45 minutes to practice today.

And realized I had forgotten my helmet.


Last night I dreamed that a golden eagle landed next to me and wanted scritches like a cat.

That was a pretty good dream.

Big bird.

#medieval trans history 

This looks like it could be quite interesting ...

The table of contents and intro are available from that link.

We saw the backyard bats for the first time a couple of nights ago - Spring is here!

RT @aaReese
My first focaccia! Made it to celebrate the much-welcomed coming of spring 💐 ❤️🌷

In other obsolete computer gaming news 

Yeah, Thief is just about my sweet spot for first person s(hooter|tealth) type games.


The biggest problem so far in the latest fortress is Giant Grey Langurs. They've massacred twenty or so dwarves in several incidents over several years. The gate defenses are getting sorted out, so that should help.

The second highest cause of death is Strange Mood Syndrome.

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