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crazy to think they had infinite monkeys with typewriters in 16th century england but who else could have written the complete works of shakespeare

When I was 13 and just starting to explore my sexuality I read a book called "Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask."

For the most part it was the usual 1960s-1970s era sex-ed book but the chapter on homosexuality was ... criminal.

It was *incredibly* homophobic. No hope, everything was terrible. It said things like queers will molest anyone they can, spend their lives masturbating in the back of porn theaters, etc etc etc.

Based on that description I *knew* that couldn't possibly be me so I must not have been gay, right?

It set me back *years* in acceptance of who I am. It wasn't like I had any counter-examples. This was the late 1970s and we had no good role models.

This is one of the reasons I'm out now, so kids can see someone who is successful and not living the way that book says. Being a counter example is very important to me.

When the book was reprinted in the early 2000s, they updated everything else but left that chapter pretty much intact.

*If* you share this book with a younger or questioning person, make damn sure you discuss the reality Vs what that book says. Better yet, don't share the book with anyone else.

I'm here for like two weeks. It feels much better than constantly being on Facebook. I'm calmer and more present.

But I really miss my #yarn and #handspinning tribe. I have noone to really share this passion with in real life, and there seems to be like I'm the only mastodon user in this niche.
Maybe I should not care and just create. It just feels a bit lonely like this.

Or maybe I'm just too stupid to navigate the #fediverse. But I'm really not that geeky Person...

I just saw this on the website for a medieval/Renaissance philosophy conference (

"Zoom links:
There is a 'Zoom room' in _esse intentionale_ corresponding to each room _in esse reale_. Please select the link corresponding to the room for the panel you wish to attend…"



ai generated british food 

I decided to give two neural nets a go at the Great British Bakeoff technical challenges. They did both much better and much worse than I had guessed.

The 'red onion squash' looked perfect for stuffing. Coconut milk rice with poached fish, roasted broccolli and onions, and the roasted squash seeds. The rest of the coconut milk went into a curry sauce.

We finish out the week with jacket potatoes topped with leftover chili; and a skillet dinner with all the remaining veg (cabbage, carrots, broccoli stems, onions) roasted, then put on the hob topped with egg and cheese. (3/3)

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To mix things up, I made cornbread with added whole sweetcorn and jalapenos. Served with pork chili - the leftovers of which will appear later ...

Also one of our favourites which we haven't done in a while - rice noodles with Thai(ish) peanut sauce, blanched cabbage and carrots, and a few tomatoes from the garden. (2/3)

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Menu planning thread!
Menu planning thread ... the Riverford box last week contained sweetcorn, potatoes, onions, carrots, red onion squash, savoy cabbage, red pepper, and broccolli. That gave us some interesting options for the week's menus ...

We hadn't done pizza in a while, so the red pepper went to that, along with onions, some pepperoncini peppers, and a bit of what was on sale labelled 'Germam [sic] pepper salami.' (1/3)

My morning cycle is in the dark now. Most of the street-lights are off - the ones along the main roads and a few of the major secondary roads are on, but not on the side streets.

Also, the council (or whomever is in charge) has left the lights on along the cycle paths, and I appreciate that.

We had a guest for dinner one night, and had another pasta - onion, bacon, cream, salt, and pepper. The radicchio was cut lengthwise into thirds and cooked in a cast iron skillet with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt.

And ..

A lentil dish - lentils, the fennel, any remaining carrots and onions. I'll probably go for a Mediterranean feel with the spices, or maybe lean into paprika and give it a little heat. It's not coming for a day or two, so there's still time to decide.

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Roast veggie burritos - roasted carrots, onions, and potatoes. Homemade salsa, plain yogurt, and pickled jalapenos.

the rest of the potatoes go to Syracuse style salt potatoes. I took some belly pork slices, hit them with my usual dry rub mix,and let them go low-and-slow. Broccolli florets will go in the oven for the last while to finish the meal. (3/4)

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I made a medieval inspired erbolat using puff-pastry, the broccoli stems (run through the food processor), some bacon, and eggs lightly beaten with a little cream. Probably an onion, too.

I'm getting my hummus variations dialed in. This version was roasted butternut squash, chickpea (gram) flour, olive oil, cumin, salt, lemon juice, tahini, and a few red pepper flakes. The squash seeds were toasted and put on top. Homemade pita bread to go with (fun and easy). Corn on the cob, too. (2/4)

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A menu planning thread ... our box from Riverford this week had potaoes, carros, onions, fennel, butternut squash, black kale, radicchio, and sweet corn. We also had some broccoli ... let the planning commence.

We almost always do a simple pasta each week. This time rather than use something in the sauce, I wilted down the black kale with shrimp, capers, and garlic in olive oil. Pasta with a simple red sauce, topped with homemade cheese. (1/4)

Skillet dinner - roast off some of the cabbage, potatoes, and onions, all diced. Put in a hot skillet, top with egg(s), cheese, cover and cook till desired doneness.

Borschty kind of soup - grated beetroot, grated/shredded cabbage. The remaining onions and potatos. Cook long and slowly. A dollop of plain yogurt on top when serving.

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With the leftover pasta sauce and sweet potato fries, make a lasagna. Mash the fries into a puree, layer with sauce. Add some cheese, since we ate more sweet potato fries than we should have. Also a side salad with the lettuce and some onions and tomatos from the garden.

A Savoy inspired casserole. A layer of potatoes, then a few sausages, a layer of onions, more potatoes. Sauce heavily with cream mixed with salt and pepper. Bake slowly for a good long time.

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For some reason, I've decided to do menu planning toots for a while ... we got a veg box each week from Riverford Organic Farms, and this week and it contained:
sweet potatoes
runner beans
savoy cabbage
My wife and I sit down when it arrives and plan our menu for the week, so we know what we need to buy at the shops. Here's what this week yielded -

First menu item - we had one bulb of fennel leftoever from last week, so we'll use that and the runner beans in a pasta sauce. Several hours in the slow cooker with a can of tomatoes, some rosemary from the garden.This makes enough sauce for us to have some to use later.

Sweet potato fries anchor another meal. Corn on the cob to go with. Tofu strips done with Buffalo sauce. Save some of the sweet potato fries for, you know, reasons.

Saw this handsome fella on the cycle into work today. Pity the picture quality is so crap.

Got some decent video, though.

PSA - it's a fox.

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