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For the third day running, lunch today will be savoury porridge/potage with oats, spinach, and Frank's Hot Sauce.


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Dear Poly (formerly Plantronics and Polycom),

I'm not sure that an email saying 'Join us at the London Poly Experience Centre' is delivering quite the message you want.

Although I'd love to be wrong ...

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The power went out last night for an hour or an hour and a half, so we built a fire and had cocktails in the back garden. All in all, a reasonably civilized way to end the week.

I just scheduled a newsletter for Monday. It's about armor, from the origins of horse barding to why Amazons only protected half their bodies.

I'm excited because it's a chance to include scholarship from @bookandswordblog who I met specifically through & would not have known about if not for this community.

Sean has done fascinating work on ancient warfare, & tho I am not of his caliber, I'm excited to share his work.

Sign up to get it Monday:

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The District Attorneys of Dallas, Travis, Bexar, Nueces, and Fort Bend counties have told the Governor and AG to go fuck themselves.

The #Unix developer, creator of dc + bc +many other tools, Lorinda Cherry passed away. Read this mail by Douglas McIlroy about her impressive achievements and how much she had to fight for equal treatment:

Thank you Lorinda for your contributions 👏

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I find it odd to be receiving email, legitimate, work-related, technical email mind you, with the subject 'Join us at the London Poly Experience Center in March'


After 18 days in the box, the sausage is down from ~950 gm to ~500 gm. Which means it's edible and, happily enough, pretty good.

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For anyone who was worried - the ring fit fine this morning.

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health adjacent, food adjacent, weight adjacent 

Well, I must be retaining water at the moment since my wedding ring doesn't fit this morning.

Okay there's something really cool I've just learned. If you are continuously recording air pressure e.g. as part of your home automation setup or a weather station then you should really check the data of the last 24h.
You should be able to spot the pressure wave from the volcanic explosion in Tonga earlier today.

It reached my setup in Kaiserslautern at about 20:30.

Yesterday was my first time back in the office since ... hmm ... 24 December. So it was the first time I had my rings on since then, so I don't put them on if I'm not leaving the house.

They're good rings.

Nothing like manually adjusting mysql table entries to get SLURM working again.

Not how I wanted this morning to go.


The headcheese turned out very well. The broth/gelatine is a little darker than usual because I leaned into the nutmeg on the spicing. Good even without mustard!


Also - made spätzle yesterday for the first time, using the knife-and-board method.

Pretty good result, I think.

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Went off to pick up a side of pork, which meant prepping for the headcheese, of course. I'm also planning on dry-curing some sausage and a small ham.


Aaand ...

Head and trotters in brine for headcheese tomorrow. Cheek and chunk of leg in their respective cures. Sausage casings thawing in the fridge for sausage tomorrow. Ribs in the fridge for dinner tomorrow. Everything else is in the freezer!

Doing research for DIY shoes and ran across these bronze age beauties. Look on pg 12 of the article for more detail. Lime bast is the same as the inner bark of linden trees, which are common in Minnesota and are used by local Ojibwa and Dakota peoples for all kinds of useful projects. richlyadorned.files.wordpress.

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