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#dwarffortress zombies 

The slaughter of reverted livestock is much easier when they don't zombify and have to be killed twice.

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#dwarffortress zombies 

Carnage ensues. The final body count was:
two civilians
the necro
and from the livestock
a duck
a peregrine falcon
two giant bats
six giant cave spiders

Damn, I love this game.

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#dwarffortress zombies 

Carnage! A necromancer immigrated to the fort early on, which is not a problem. Everyone liked her, so she got to be mayor. Still no problem. She was mostly insane, which was more of a problem. Stumbling and babbling, typical DF insanity.

Then a giant bat lost its training and reverted to wild. Here's where I'm fuzzy on the chronology. I think the necro raised the bat who started attacking and killing other livestock which also got raised ...

The tarragon in the back garden is nearly as tall as I am.

And for those of you who haven't met me, I am Not Short.

The tarragon has also just bolted, so there's that.

In other news, if anyone in the Norfolk area, especially along the A10, needs some tarragon, let me know.

Historical costuming terminology question 

Anyone know what one might call a belt or sash that's fastened just below the bust, as opposed to the waist?

One of my bros is trying to translate the Latin word "mammilare" which refers to such an accessory.

I'm coming up blank. (And no I don't have further context in which to put the word, sorry.)


death, #sca 

For SCA oldtimers - it seems Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin has passed on.

Hello! My books have all been re-released with my correct name in ebook and paperback!

💀 BOOKS AND BONE is a surprisingly sweet story of necromancy and secret libraries with ace romance.

🐉 NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is a cosy queer portal fantasy with an autistic protagonist where a TTRPG group are pulled into the world of their game.

🎲 KIN is a TTRPG with flexible, classless character creation and three gameplay modes. And it ties in with NON-PLAYER CHARACTER!

Some friends of mine are on the table of contents for this anthology of Jewish alternate history, which looks amazing and is funding on Kickstarter now.


I just watched 'Metal Lords' and enjoyed it very much. I'm sure it's not to everyone's taste, but it punched some of my buttons.

food, alcohol in the background 

Blanched French beans, a can of tuna, some sliced black olives. A little lemon juice, salt, and cracked black pepper. With a Vesper.

Not too bad, if I say so myself.

Titans, s3, mild spoiler 

Yes, I am behind the times, but hearing Hawk refer to Red Hood as 'Deathstroke meets the Gimp' cracked me up.

My partner and I are supposed to move to Ireland, from the USA, in a month. Still haven't found any housing. Gah!

Anyone know anyone who may be able to help us out? We're both artists/academics, and my partner has a job already at UCD in Dublin. We just need a place to land, even if its temporary. House sitting, apartment, house rental, private rooms, we're open to anything within 1 hour commute to Dublin via public transit.

If you know anyone who could help we would greatly appreciate it! We're almost in despair-mode 😅

I don't have a lot of followers on here, but feel free to boost this post if you're comfortable doing that!

#housing #ireland #help #dublin

It is an interesting time to be in Liz Truss's constituency.

quote from my dream 

A character in my dream last night was being interviewed and said, 'I'm into everything, until it takes too long.'

Boost if you remember the times when GIFs were used for transparency instead of animation. #retro #RetroCompuing

Behind our street is a berm or dike between the buildings and the relief channel for the river. A week or two ago, as part of construction work next door, the vegetation was stripped off of berm behind that lot. We were worried that this would mean our local hedgehog, David, would stop visiting since their route into our garden was on that side.

Happily, last night David showed up again!

In the early 1400s, Edward, Duke of York wrote a hunting and game guide that included a list of over a thousand "names for all manner of hounds."

Some good ones:


A paper including the list of names:

A copy of the manuscript at auction:

UKpol, RMT strike 

"Transport Secretary Grant Shapps responded to a suggestion from Jeremy Corbyn that pay was inadequate by saying: "The median salary for a train driver is £59,000, compared with £31,000 for a nurse and £21,000 for a care worker."

That seems to be directly proportionate to union membership and militancy in the sector.

Nurses and care workers clearly underpaid. They need more militant unions!

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