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On to a new !

My latest idiosyncracy is one or two square embark areas. It helps keep the frame-rate up but puts more of a crunch on resources ...

The new website has a page which aggregates the output of some of the kingdom's various writers of articles and/or blog posts. It's pretty slick -

I've been fighting in the for over thirty years, with some success. This week, for the first time, I made a shield.

ssl certificates created and installed for most of my websites - and I found this while testing - - and it still makes me giggle. Oh, and ssl certs courtesy of and certbot.

I can't remember who I saw post this yesterday but I think it's a really interesting idea; and something that's worth taking into consideration. I think becoming a 'dark forest' is kinda necessary in some ways; but that we still need outreach and bridges to pull people across from the major social networks etc.

#fediverse #decentralisation #birdsite

New: Washington has become the first U.S. state to legalize a type of human burial called recomposition — sometimes known as body composting. (@KUOW)

Perhaps relevant to some of (y)our interests ... public release of desktop mastodon client for Windows and Linux.

So, @maeleoin , I know this is up your alley in the - the website has recently been rebooted using gitlab. And one of the features is a page with rss feeds of members websites/blogs/etc -

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