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by popular demand, here's the final draft of the Queer Villain Pride flag I did yesterday, along with a link to a hi-res version here:

again: pink for passion, orange for community, green for knowledge, purple for queer history, and black for evil, pure EVIL. feel free to use this for whatever. mwa ha ha ha haaa, etc

I survived the year-or-so long zombie invasion in . I built traps behind the main gate, then let them in a few at a time, using the military to polish them off. Aftermath recovery is taking months - they were all armed and armoured, plus they massacred a year's worth of visitors. And being zombies they dropped off parts as they fought and died. Just chucking the various dead bits into the lava has kept the whole forst busy for a couple of seasons so far.

I sometimes wonder if Trump is going to reach up one day, pull off the mask, and it will be Andy Kaufman completing his most ambitious and least comprehensible long-form comedy routine of all time.

"Divisive rhetoric" discourse 

On to a new !

My latest idiosyncracy is one or two square embark areas. It helps keep the frame-rate up but puts more of a crunch on resources ...

The new website has a page which aggregates the output of some of the kingdom's various writers of articles and/or blog posts. It's pretty slick -

I've been fighting in the for over thirty years, with some success. This week, for the first time, I made a shield.

ssl certificates created and installed for most of my websites - and I found this while testing - - and it still makes me giggle. Oh, and ssl certs courtesy of and certbot.

I can't remember who I saw post this yesterday but I think it's a really interesting idea; and something that's worth taking into consideration. I think becoming a 'dark forest' is kinda necessary in some ways; but that we still need outreach and bridges to pull people across from the major social networks etc.

#fediverse #decentralisation #birdsite

New: Washington has become the first U.S. state to legalize a type of human burial called recomposition — sometimes known as body composting. (@KUOW)

Run for office y'all. You don't need to be anything. You don't need to be some kinda special 1 of a kind maverick or whatever. You'll have staff and a legal team to help you out with whatever you're unsure of. We have elected officials in congress RIGHT THE FUCK NOW who think
-babies grow in our stomachs
-carbon monoxide is good for us
-periods happen at will
-A biblical war between Muslims and Jews will bring Jesus Christ back.
-That a Nuclear Winter is no bfd.

You're fine, you're qualified.

Perhaps relevant to some of (y)our interests ... public release of desktop mastodon client for Windows and Linux.

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