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The other day I found a couple of dishes at Morrison’s, called Pie Dishes or somesuch, but they looked to be perfect for making pâtés/terrines, since they nest a little bit and are a good size for about a 1/2 a kilo.

I realized while making it this basic , pâté, that a ‘classic’ pâté spicing, quatre épices, is an awful lot like my usual poudre fort mix-only my poudre fort doesn’t include nutmeg. I wonder if it is possible to trace poudre fort directly to quatre épices …

Ravelry folks! In particular, crocheters! I have my first neural net-generated patterns posted to the LSG HAT3000 thread.
Did it work? I have no idea. Some of the crochet notation in the dataset is VERY old, and it's not consistent at all. The results look like patterns maybe?

Full disclosure - the CBU mentioned is where I work, and two of my colleagues are interviewed ...

Return of the Native, spoilers 

So 330 pages in out of 360 or so, Hardy suddenly lets us know that on this heath, which he has spent pages - many pages! - describing in detail, between two houses where people have spent a lot of time going back and forth, there is a previously unmentioned river and weir system, because, you know, there some folk that are going to need some drowning.

For those who might find it interesting ... this is my 35th year in the , so I started writing a bit of a memoire.

white supremacy, bookstores, joyful MUST read article! 

A bookstore was attacked by a white supremacist for hosting, among many other themed childrens' story events, Drag Queen Story Time.

This is the bookstore's official response.

It was 30C Saturday afternoon, so mid to high 80s? Our conservatory is west facing, so it heats up in the afternoons - 40C is about 105F.

Mostly it's been 20ish. Good kilt weather.

On Saturday afternoon, it was 40C in our conservatory - we didn't eat there that evening;-)

At work today, there is a notice on one of the vending machines which reads 'Chocolate Products Have Melted.'

shire of Dun In Mara has their inclusivity statement up.

@agnes - any pictures from the Pride parade march you'd care to share?

The Guardian nails the sardonic definition form; it's a worthy complement to Stan Kelly-Bootle's book "The Computer Contradictionary".

"free speech (ph) A constitutionally protected right in the US that is primarily invoked by tech bros and internet trolls when they are asked to stop being assholes. Syn: hate speech. See ideological diversity."

"Citing a history of racism, anti-Semitism, and sexual harassment, the council of the American #Library Association on June 23 voted to strip Melvil Dewey’s name from the association’s top professional honor, the Melvil Dewey Medal."

D&D lets you live out all kinds of fantasies, such as:
-Having everyone call you by your preferred name and gender
-Having a big group of friends who do everything together
-Making a reasonable wage as a freelancer
-Being able to murder the terrible leadership of your country
-Getting 8 hours of sleep

The string geeks out there probably know about this already, but for the rest of us ...

by popular demand, here's the final draft of the Queer Villain Pride flag I did yesterday, along with a link to a hi-res version here:

again: pink for passion, orange for community, green for knowledge, purple for queer history, and black for evil, pure EVIL. feel free to use this for whatever. mwa ha ha ha haaa, etc

I survived the year-or-so long zombie invasion in . I built traps behind the main gate, then let them in a few at a time, using the military to polish them off. Aftermath recovery is taking months - they were all armed and armoured, plus they massacred a year's worth of visitors. And being zombies they dropped off parts as they fought and died. Just chucking the various dead bits into the lava has kept the whole forst busy for a couple of seasons so far.

I sometimes wonder if Trump is going to reach up one day, pull off the mask, and it will be Andy Kaufman completing his most ambitious and least comprehensible long-form comedy routine of all time.

"Divisive rhetoric" discourse 

When people are like, "You can't say that because it's divisive, I'm white/cis/male/straight and I never did anything to you", what you're doing is taking an expression of frustration or anger about systemic oppression and making it about soothing your own feelings.

With the added implicit threat that if someone continues with this behavior, that you will revoke your solidarity with them.

Which, in turn, means that your support is conditional on the behavior of the other party. It's a way to exercise control over how people talk about oppression by centering it around the oppressor class.

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