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So ... 60 pages into 'The Coming of the Terraphiles,' and it's Mike Moorcock writing Matt Smith Dr Who as PG Wodehouse viewed by future re-enactors.

Long Live AErikr and Jacquelyna, Crown Prince and Princess of the Kingdom of in the .

AErikr defeated, well, me in the first three fights of the 3 of 5 final.

I just realized that I can say 'The cat loves you' in four languages. It wasn't exactly a life goal, but a nice thing naetheless.

Perfect song for a Friday: Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq's I'm No More Fucks to Give 😂
I’ve no more fucks to give,
My fucks have all dissolved,
I’ve planned many projects
But my fucks won’t be involved!

Phillip Marlowe was a coffee snob, using a vacuum coffee maker for his brew. Cream and two sugars.

Note to self: many passwords will not work until the keyboard is switched back to English from Swedish.

In the medieval period, brawn referred to meat in general, often pork. Modern brawn is typically made by simmering a pig's head and trotters, and keeping it in the gelatin produced. It is called head cheese in North America. The hardest part of making it can be sourcing the head in the first place.

Good though.

Today's favorite Latin sentence is: Iuvenis cum psittaco irato in foro est - the youth is in the forum with an angry parrot.


Differences in the chemical composition of urine caused by changes in diet mean that many medieval recipes for paint etc don’t work right unless you get the urine from someone whose diet resembles a medieval one. (Tested in illuminated manuscript labs, thank you book historians!)


Want to be a berserker? It's not the bearskin that does the job:

Irish dictionary:
(some of those should've stayed lost)

Health, Medieval style (which looks rather modern, mostly):

Last but far from least --- It's 14th century London, and everyone's white, right? Right??
Note especially the mixed-ancestry folks.

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Medievalists and Medieval-adjacent. Sort-of.