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Skillet dinner - roast off some of the cabbage, potatoes, and onions, all diced. Put in a hot skillet, top with egg(s), cheese, cover and cook till desired doneness.

Borschty kind of soup - grated beetroot, grated/shredded cabbage. The remaining onions and potatos. Cook long and slowly. A dollop of plain yogurt on top when serving.

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With the leftover pasta sauce and sweet potato fries, make a lasagna. Mash the fries into a puree, layer with sauce. Add some cheese, since we ate more sweet potato fries than we should have. Also a side salad with the lettuce and some onions and tomatos from the garden.

A Savoy inspired casserole. A layer of potatoes, then a few sausages, a layer of onions, more potatoes. Sauce heavily with cream mixed with salt and pepper. Bake slowly for a good long time.

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For some reason, I've decided to do menu planning toots for a while ... we got a veg box each week from Riverford Organic Farms, and this week and it contained:
sweet potatoes
runner beans
savoy cabbage
My wife and I sit down when it arrives and plan our menu for the week, so we know what we need to buy at the shops. Here's what this week yielded -

First menu item - we had one bulb of fennel leftoever from last week, so we'll use that and the runner beans in a pasta sauce. Several hours in the slow cooker with a can of tomatoes, some rosemary from the garden.This makes enough sauce for us to have some to use later.

Sweet potato fries anchor another meal. Corn on the cob to go with. Tofu strips done with Buffalo sauce. Save some of the sweet potato fries for, you know, reasons.

Saw this handsome fella on the cycle into work today. Pity the picture quality is so crap.

Got some decent video, though.

PSA - it's a fox.


So, I was living in NYC in 2001.

More stuff has been stirred up than I was expecting 20 years on.

poor quality video of a fox 

On my to work this morning, I saw a fox on the common.

They were pretty close as I fished for a camera, and looked pretty healthy, but also pretty young. I am not an expert;-)

I couldn't get a picture of them before they started moving, so here's some crappy video instead. The best bit really starts at about 1:20.


You can see there's some setting up, then a few blows are exchanged, and even if someone doesn't die, there's usually a reset. There's some other stuff on his channel, which you might interesting. If not, I'll see what else I can come up with.

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OK, try this - - it's a year old, and only slightly embarrassing. (We've both improved.) Aaron spends some time explaining what we're doing and why, which you might find interesting.

Just got back from the first in-person event since Covid hit. (Outdoors, required lateral flow test before the event, and in the middle if you stayed the whole time, et c.)

It was weird.

The Bad, the Slight Amelioration, and the Relief - not an Old Western.

On my morning cycle ride, I noticed my left pedal was starting to wobble, so I turned around to head home. Within 100 yards or so, it fell off.

Fortunately, I wasn't too far from home and it was mostly slightly downhill, so I could coast most of the way.

Even better, the shaft hadn't sheared off as I feared. The nut had just worked loose, so I was able to fix it.

Still, not the way I planned to start my day.

food, medieval history 

I found a cookbook of medieval recipes, I've made one (it was delicious), and I absolutely love the fact that there are literally three dishes in it called 'Garbage', 'Compost', and 'Creme Bastard'.

Finished building a workbench using reclaimed lumber from the garage renovation.

Hint for market research firms who want me to participate - if you want to know how I 'consume' the 'internet' you've already lost me.

After one 'consumes' the internet, what does one have for pudding?

The sage is out of control; that's it just above the path in the center.

And while I love it all, the marjoram two varieties) on the top left, have flowered and the colour is amazing - purple tending toward pink.

I do love it all, though.

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