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UK trans health waiting lists- important & time sensitive - please boost 

Please share to your UK trans friends ASAP 💚

Being working class has nothing to do with whether or not you're actively selling your labor, but whether or not you'll be punished if you don't.


Norfolk Tapas for dinner tonight, featuring good stuff from the veg box. Courgette with red wine vinegar and home-made hard cheese, padron peppers roasted with cheese, roasted sweetcorn with paprika, and some homemade kimchi/kraut hybrid.

Want to build a Miserable Little Medieval Man? Let @alpine_thistle tell you how!

"This ended up being an interdisciplinary project that took over a year to complete and is accompanied by a ten-thousand-word document containing citations and commentary. This presentation focuses on one aspect of my process: creating the main character."

See the full list of talks and sign up at


Temperatures are down. No rain yet, which is a drag. And fires in the county. Lovely ...

Things I will not need to do today:
put the bread in the proofing box to rise

UK heatwave 

Already 36C outside in Norfolk ...

not too bad inside with the curtains drawn.


Norfolk style tapas last night.

Courgette, sliced on the bias.Splashed with red wine vinegar,sprinkled with salt and black pepper.Home-cured proscuitto style pork cured for 7 months-ish,chez moi.Home-made hard cheese on top.

Padron peppers and tomatoes,sliced,with cheese,on a tortilla.The tortilla is there to keep from messing up the roasting tray.

Veg from our Riverford organic veg box, pork (uncured) from JW Sergeant up the road in Stow Bridge.

Cheddar and tortilla from Morrisons.

Every now and then I am reminded that Dave Grohl is the bomb.

That is all.

Except that in Latin there is no way no distinguish between being a bomb and being Da Bomb.

And Dave Grohl is Da Bomb.

#dwarffortress zombies 

The slaughter of reverted livestock is much easier when they don't zombify and have to be killed twice.

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#dwarffortress zombies 

Carnage ensues. The final body count was:
two civilians
the necro
and from the livestock
a duck
a peregrine falcon
two giant bats
six giant cave spiders

Damn, I love this game.

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#dwarffortress zombies 

Carnage! A necromancer immigrated to the fort early on, which is not a problem. Everyone liked her, so she got to be mayor. Still no problem. She was mostly insane, which was more of a problem. Stumbling and babbling, typical DF insanity.

Then a giant bat lost its training and reverted to wild. Here's where I'm fuzzy on the chronology. I think the necro raised the bat who started attacking and killing other livestock which also got raised ...

The tarragon in the back garden is nearly as tall as I am.

And for those of you who haven't met me, I am Not Short.

The tarragon has also just bolted, so there's that.

In other news, if anyone in the Norfolk area, especially along the A10, needs some tarragon, let me know.

Historical costuming terminology question 

Anyone know what one might call a belt or sash that's fastened just below the bust, as opposed to the waist?

One of my bros is trying to translate the Latin word "mammilare" which refers to such an accessory.

I'm coming up blank. (And no I don't have further context in which to put the word, sorry.)


death, #sca 

For SCA oldtimers - it seems Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin has passed on.

Hello! My books have all been re-released with my correct name in ebook and paperback!

💀 BOOKS AND BONE is a surprisingly sweet story of necromancy and secret libraries with ace romance.

🐉 NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is a cosy queer portal fantasy with an autistic protagonist where a TTRPG group are pulled into the world of their game.

🎲 KIN is a TTRPG with flexible, classless character creation and three gameplay modes. And it ties in with NON-PLAYER CHARACTER!

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