Some gore, mention of racism and cannibalism. 

Want to be a berserker? It's not the bearskin that does the job:

Irish dictionary:
(some of those should've stayed lost)

Health, Medieval style (which looks rather modern, mostly):

Last but far from least --- It's 14th century London, and everyone's white, right? Right??
Note especially the mixed-ancestry folks.

A test on Vikings I hope you can all ace:
(I might laugh at you if you don't)

One of the less common writing materials:

"If you want it to sell, you've got to give it a good title":
This one is a lot of fun; enjoy! :-)

I'm no archeologist, but I'm not sure the case for this being a Slav is that much. I accept that's a South Baltic ax. But the presense of an Arabic coin (I'd be surprised if there's only one) shows this person was recipient of goods traded from far away---why not an ax? Also, I hope a forensic archeologist has checked the sex of the bones. ;-)

Still, I may be too doubtful. It's good to see evidence of mobility and trade in what too many people think was a "Dark Age".

Info on what medieval warfare was actually like, and on one of the most interesting writers from back then.

Discussion of book burning. 

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