The longbow's effect on England was not limited to the field of battle:

"Spoiler"--the unmounted men at arms were equally important. };-)

BTW, today (March 24) is the 417th anniversary of the death of Elizabeth I.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth II is still chugging along. ;-)

Russian dragons' shape changed across the years. What meaning does that have?

Yes, people really did memorize loooong poems:

Why couldn't anyone in the Middle Ages draw a lion?
(no, the lions weren't bad, the artists were)

Gentleman with the bullhorn, I both respect your willingness to put your conviction into action, and appreciate that you are discoursing on Christian doctrine instead of the particular sins you dislike. But what do you imagine you are accomplishing? Do you think you're going to run into the one person in the western hemisphere who hasn't heard of the Jesus? And even if you do, is your street corner symposium likely to convert them?

A couple of good ones from - - -

Do you know almost nothing about early medieval art styles? Here's a quick look over the field:

Continuing the trend of the last few years of looking outside Europe--an exhibition of Medival African Art:
(makes we wish I could get to eastern Canada)

Some gore, mention of racism and cannibalism. 

Do movie makers and book writers distort history for a "better" story? Yes. Is that a modern-only bad habit? No.

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