The longbow's effect on England was not limited to the field of battle:

"Spoiler"--the unmounted men at arms were equally important. };-)

BTW, today (March 24) is the 417th anniversary of the death of Elizabeth I.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth II is still chugging along. ;-)

Russian dragons' shape changed across the years. What meaning does that have?

Yes, people really did memorize loooong poems:

Why couldn't anyone in the Middle Ages draw a lion?
(no, the lions weren't bad, the artists were)

@liliedubh I admire your ambition, and offer sympathy in advance.
Or do you mean specific cultures? It sounds like you mean all of them, which would be a massive undertaking.

@liliedubh Is that something you're teaching at KWHSS? In which case, you have my sympathy.

@AspiringLuddite Curious you added "feast" days, since Sundays are not part of Lent, and were not under the Lenten fast rules.

Neural net + jello 

@janellecshane I am in awe. This is the funniest stuff I've read in a long while. My favorite, hands-down, is "Creamy Biscuits Filled with ALLERGY ZOMBIES!". Only one sensible ingredient, a missing step #1, steps #2 and #3 use not a single ingredient on the list, the warning "but do not let it bubble" and the ending
"...or enjoy it with a bowl of jam!"

This is almost unbelievably funny/crazy. I applaud! I cheer! I laugh until it hurts! Sheer genius!

"Heat water over high heat in the slow cooker, whisking until dissolved and thick." I wonder why you'd need to dissolve the water, and how long you'd have to whisk it until it was thick. };-)

@janellecshane And the wind was cruel and cruel
Against me like ants,
Like ants, like ants.

I've been in storms like that. ;-)

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