@janellecshane "Have it Turn Out The Way You Want" Well, that's certainly on my to-do list. };-)

@janellecshane Typical cat mind: "My surroundings have changed. This imperils me. I must investigate everything lest I be ambushed."

A couple of good ones from medievalists.net - - -

Do you know almost nothing about early medieval art styles? Here's a quick look over the field:

Continuing the trend of the last few years of looking outside Europe--an exhibition of Medival African Art:
(makes we wish I could get to eastern Canada)

@liliedubh Odd. I've never seen any such thing. Then again, I have my browser set to block "unrequested" pop ups, which usually doesn't do anything.

@janellecshane I would've put "Wicked Trousers" in the third category.

"Stoner’s Swanky Stuff" sounds like a high-end head shop.

And "Raging Snot" is the perfect name for a retro-punk band. If there is such a thing. If not, it might almost be worth starting a retro-punk movement, just to have a band named "Raging Snot"

@liliedubh Really? The only thing like that I've run into is the bit in the right sidebar suggesting I subscribe to "Medieval Warfare" magazine. Are you getting something pushier than that?

Some gore, mention of racism and cannibalism. 

Want to be a berserker? It's not the bearskin that does the job:

Irish dictionary:
(some of those should've stayed lost)

Health, Medieval style (which looks rather modern, mostly):

Last but far from least --- It's 14th century London, and everyone's white, right? Right??
Note especially the mixed-ancestry folks.

@janellecshane So, it turns out all those sweet little old ladies knitting and crocheting along are secretly mathematicians of advanced topology!
Now that we know their secret, they may have to kill us.

@janellecshane Brush with buttercream! If you don't know what to do, just brush with buttercream! It's always the answer!

Maybe not the right answer, though.

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