A recipe for a potion to give our dog (born in Cairo, Egypt and experiencing his first winter) a fur coat--like, thicker than the one he already has...

Ok. This may not be for everyone:
Make coffee like you always do.
Place a generous amount of hot cocoa mix in a much (homemade is best, store bought will do)
Add one small crumbled candy cane to the mug and the add the coffee. (Leave a bit of room at the top of the mug!)
Stir and contemplate the meaning of the holiday season until all is dissolved.
Add eggnog to top up the mug.

It is the richest of warm morning drinks in my home. Be careful how you use it!

Hmm. I need more coffee and we do not, in fact, have any more coffee.

Hello. I'm Jonathan Doughty. Jean de Montagne in the East Kingdom of the SCA. I also love poetry, science, teaching, fencing, Aikido and being a dad. I look forward to chats about all of that, or, you know, whatever...

It is, in fact, Youngest with a shaker maraca in ine hand, a castanet in the other and the xylaphone mallet clasped gently between her toes.

Happy Solstice.

What ho bold rogues! Allow me to festive up this place with a picture.


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