Traditional Greek salad. I also want to make socca, but that won't happen tonight. Hm, or maybe it could.

Also, I feel like a hipster--but goat milk kefir is flippin delicious.

That first picture seemed broken without socca so I fixed it.

Rosemary-thyme socca with hummus and traditional Greek salad (except forgot olives). Also wine, 'cause Mediterranean diet night :-)

@Goldie I had to look up "socca" 'cause I never heard of it before. Interesting. I wouldn't have thought you could make flour out of <del>chickpeas</del> garbanzo beans. I'd expect mush, not flour, though one could dry them before grinding, of course.

BTW, I always feel like I should write "chickpea" in some really narrow font, and "garbanzo" in something wide and florid. I just love the word "garbanzo"---I usually pronounce it in a big, rolling voice. P.T.Bridgeport is what I'm aiming for.


Meek, tiny voice: "Garbanzo!"
Booming, expansive voice: "Chickpea!"

Nope, you're right: It doesn't work.


Although there could be a scene in which longtime D&D adventuring companions, the big-armed warrior Garbanzo and the dainty rogue Chickpea, lose each other in a crowd, and call for each other. Then that makes sense... Now I want to play a rogue.

@Goldie "Then that makes sense..."---For certain values of "sense" ;-)

I'd love to play *any* RPG. :-(

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