Traditional Greek salad. I also want to make socca, but that won't happen tonight. Hm, or maybe it could.

Also, I feel like a hipster--but goat milk kefir is flippin delicious.

That first picture seemed broken without socca so I fixed it.

Rosemary-thyme socca with hummus and traditional Greek salad (except forgot olives). Also wine, 'cause Mediterranean diet night :-)

@Goldie I had to look up "socca" 'cause I never heard of it before. Interesting. I wouldn't have thought you could make flour out of <del>chickpeas</del> garbanzo beans. I'd expect mush, not flour, though one could dry them before grinding, of course.

BTW, I always feel like I should write "chickpea" in some really narrow font, and "garbanzo" in something wide and florid. I just love the word "garbanzo"---I usually pronounce it in a big, rolling voice. P.T.Bridgeport is what I'm aiming for.

@BasilDragonstrike @Goldie

As 'gram flour' chickpea flour shows up a lot in Indian cooking.

Peas in bread also show up in medieval horsebread. There's a whole article about it here - - which I hope is publically available. And it cites a 14th century London ordinance to the bakers - no “horse-bread be made except of pure beans
and peas, without mixture of other grains or bran”

@AspiringLuddite @Goldie Well I'm glad to know horse-bread isn't made out of horses. ;-)

Does that quote mean there's such a thing as bean flour?

@BasilDragonstrike @Goldie

Sure - I guess you mean in addition to gram/chickpea flour;-) Pea protein shows up in a vegan foods. 'Huel' uses it a lot, I think.

A quick search shows both green and yellow pea flour to be pretty widely available. Ditto bean flour in a number of varieties. Fava bean flour sounds like it would work reasonably well.


@AspiringLuddite @BasilDragonstrike On a related note, I finally found some legume pasta to try. Also chickpeas 🙂

Trying out a grocery-delivery subscription now and it has broadened my circle of food accessibility.

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