Socca, the Saga
This time I used a bit less each of pan oil and oven time (and also oregano, red pepper flakes, and post-oven parm instead of thyme and rosemary... salt in both cases).

Still over-moist, but far less dense. Like it wasn't in the heat long enough, but it still stuck to the pan. Well, no one recommended a glass pan for this...

On payday I'll get a griddle, and do the seasoning thing as if I'm a cook. It would still be cool to find the optimum for this version for the geek of it.

Looks good, though;-)

I'm going to make another round tonight, I think. With some grilled asparagus and tomato bound together with a little egg. Not a full omelet or frittata, just a little egg to hold them together ...

It was more flavorful this time, too, when less oil saturated. Although it having cheese maybe gave an unfair advantage.

I got eggs the last trip, too, to have them on top, but might see what just one egg does in the batter.

Love how filling these are. I keep dishing way more than I can eat.


So about 3/2 water/flour by weight, splash of olive oil, little salt, some rosemary, chives, and thyme from the garden. Hot skillet on the stovetop.

@AspiringLuddite By weight, huh? Science!

How was it? I'll be right over to sample.


Well ... more or less. I weighed it out 2-1, but it was too thin, so I added more gram flour.

And it was pretty tasty;-)

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