Socca with egg
New ratio by weight: 2/3 chickpea flour to water. Same amount of olive oil, and this time an egg. Held together and didn't stick to pan. Grew a goofy camel hump. Let's see how it tastes...


Sunny egg garlic, paprika, and feta over socca made with egg, fennel, thyme, and a lemon pepper blend, and a fresh, unfucked-with Roma.

The socca went back to being too dense for my preference, but it came out of the pan like a champ. Also needs more spice when I add egg...


Mmm. Looks good.

You might try a thinner layer to see if that helps with the density.

Last thing to try before thinning it: halving the olive oil when there's egg. Next time.

But I have an iron griddle coming, and some extracts, fruit, and ideas... Another bigger bag of the flour. The Chickcrepes will come.

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