I like gin, so an idea from Jeff to infuse it with tea for a honey-lemon cocktail got my attention. I set up two for sampling this morning: lemongrass and lavender gins

I just opened them for a whiff and they already smell strikingly herbal and delicious. Especially the lavender.

I forget how to tag here, and I don’t know why pic is sideways when it’s upright on camera, but there ya go. Mm.

I have no mint or lemon juice on hand after the move, but I do have impatience.

3 parts (shots, here) lemongrass-infused gin
1 part lime juice
1 tbsp raw honey

A decent start. This tastes bright. The lemon-green flavor of the herb is coming through loud and clear. Maybe a drizzle of honey in the glass would be nice.

Looking forward to the lavender version.

I'm also inclined to try Harney & Sons' Hot Cinnamon Spice tea infusing whiskey with maybe some ginger beer or cider for fall.

Follow-up: Lemongrass-infused gin is nice.

Lavender-infused gin is reeellly nice.

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