I'm a couple weeks from my 2nd pandemic move, having just bought a house (for too much, like everything on this market)... so things are chaotic AF. Yet in the midst of this, I'm guarding time for 2 (soon 3) TTRPGs, and diving into the worlds like I haven't for years. And it's good. (more)


In one game, I run a half-drow light cleric of Eilistraee (the single good drow deity) whose party is escaping from being drow prisoners in the Underdark. In the process, the prison's Lolth priestess offered to train my cleric and she got a nasty spider knicknack attached to her wrist, an unwanted comms link to the Spider Queen. (more)

My GM offered that my warlock might start to become corrupted by the wrist device and make an unwilling pact with Lolth through it. I've been going for a half light/half dark theme with this character, so being a simultaneous priest of good Eilistraee and a warlock of her evil spider mum has an inclement future that's making me positively giddy whenever I think of it.

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