Fall Coat Weather soap
Deep red maples and heavy black cashmere.

(This soap contains activated charcoal, honey, and goat’s milk.)

It’s a gentle slope
of a goldenrod blanket,
this cradle of Earth.

Waiting in the Pumpkin Patch soap:
Notes of warm pumpkins, maple sugar, patchouli, cedar logs, and cinnamon stout.

Linvilla Orchards:
Honey bee on raspberry bush.
A bit of the orchards (raspberry and corn, here).
Charismatic goats. As described by their website.

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During this pandemic year, I’ve forgotten how to go safely out in the sun for long periods. So I’m sunburnt, but in possession of delishus fruit loot picked by my hands at Linvilla Orchards today (raspberries and crimson crisp apples).

Also, the loot from their market: creamy chipotle sauce and chocolate fudge are hits. Haven’t yet tried the cherry butter, apple sassafras butter, strawberry fig jam, red currant jam, cheddar chive scones, or pumpkin cranberry white chocolate cookies.

I have no mint or lemon juice on hand after the move, but I do have impatience.

3 parts (shots, here) lemongrass-infused gin
1 part lime juice
1 tbsp raw honey

A decent start. This tastes bright. The lemon-green flavor of the herb is coming through loud and clear. Maybe a drizzle of honey in the glass would be nice.

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I like gin, so an idea from Jeff to infuse it with tea for a honey-lemon cocktail got my attention. I set up two for sampling this morning: lemongrass and lavender gins

I just opened them for a whiff and they already smell strikingly herbal and delicious. Especially the lavender.

I forget how to tag here, and I don’t know why pic is sideways when it’s upright on camera, but there ya go. Mm.

Moving on to monkfish. This is based on a Spanish dish with monkfish and shrimp in a smoked paprika tomato sauce; I replaced the shrimp with zucchini and asparagus for balance. Conclusion: Smoked paprika tastes amazing to me, and more so in this sauce.

Tzatziki cucumber-quinoa salad lessons learned:
Try twice as much sauce with three times as much fresh dill
Five-cucumber recipe, glad I used the biggest bowl
Adding quinoa was nice

Never cooked a raw fish filet before. Guess I have now...

Baked tilapia taco on gluten-free almond flour tortilla

Is this a Chaos creature from Warhammer Fantasy RP, or breakfast?

Egg over lightly (which I did not break!), herbed with oregano, rosemary, and thyme, and topped with spinach, white corn, and shredded and melted parm. Which doesn't make it not a Chaos beast, necessarily...

The snack formerly known as Almond Crepes:

Traditional Greek salad with gluten-free almond flour crackers!

These crackers are really f'in tasty...

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I tried to make socca with almond flour instead of chickpea flour. (And an egg, sliced almonds, almond and other extracts, and a wee bit of amaretto.)

What happens is it doesn't work, heh. This griddle-splotch never becomes a crepe. It becomes delicious-smelling mush that increasingly sticks to the pan on the bottom.


I don't think I did an egg-less basic socca on the griddle yet? Here's one. Lots of green... Batter: besan, water, olive oil, basil pesto, chives, oregano, salt, black pepper, chopped green bell pepper, little parmesan. Filling: green bell pepper and gruyere. Added more pesto spread post-photo.

Taste: Really very not bad.

I'm a nut for all things almond and hazelnut and this was good.

Vanilla nut crepes:
1 cup besan
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 egg
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
1 tsp hazelnut extract
1/2 tsp nutmeg
Handful of chopped walnuts
Nutella spread sprinkled with nutmeg

I wonder how it would go with the sugar replaced by amaretto or frangelico...

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